Boy's School Shoes are Hardy Enough for the Playground!

Get ready for the new education year. To begin with, our range of boys' school shoes! Then, finally, we have the perfect style of kicks for everyone to enjoy. Shopping for the perfect pair of boys' school shoes can be challenging. That is why the team here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand has gathered a range of boys' school shoes that we are sure will suit every child. 


Ensure your child's feet are measured and properly fitted for school shoes. 


This range of kid's footwear can last them for the entire education year, so investing in a new pair of boy's school shoes will benefit the whole family. So if you are keen to see what we have available for your son, keep reading and find many benefits! Our boys' school shoe selection will ensure your son's feet are protected all day long! 


1. Funky Lace-ups


Stick to the classics this new education year with a pair of lace-ups. These boys' school shoes are perfect for your son to wear from morning until night. 


We love what a set of lace-ups can do for your child's feet. These boys' school shoes are a classic pair of kicks that every child needs in their life. These boys' school shoes are comfortable, durable, and adhere to all uniform guidelines. We have a collection of styles that we know will suit your active kids. 


We know how necessary it is to find the right pair of footwear for your son. That is why we recommend wearing a pair of lace-ups. These boys' school shoes will keep your child's feet safe and protected throughout the day of learning and play. There is nothing a pair of these lace-up kicks can not do! So check out for these lace-ups! 


2. Touch-fastening Kicks 


Does your son hate to wake up early in the morning? Does he enjoy sleeping until the very last before getting out of bed? If you nod your head, yes, you are in the right place. Our range of touch-fastening boys' school shoes will become your son's new favourite pair of kicks.


Our touch-fastening range offers an easy-to-wear pair of kicks for every child. Your son can rock a set of touch-fastening boy's school shoes with his friends and pair up with them for the day. This tip can make learning a more fun experience for them throughout the day. 


The best thing about wearing a pair of touch-fastening boy's school shoes is that they can double up as a pair of regular kicks for a night or weekend of fun. So whether it is a playdate or a family dinner, you can trust that your son's new pair of touch-fastening kicks will take him there in comfort and style. 


3. Bold in Boots 


Please take a look at our selection of kid's boots. These are a must-have pair of boys' school shoes for winter. You will love what a pair of boots can do for your son. In addition, these boys' school shoes offer a super protective design, thanks to the chunky sole and high-rise cut. 


You can trust that nothing will enter the footwear inside when your son wears a pair of boots. So whether it is rain, hail, or mud, you will feel at ease knowing your son is wearing his boots for a day of learning and play. These boys' school shoes are sure to become your son's favourite pair of kicks to wear during winter. 


4. Trendy Trainers


Say hello to our range of trendy trainers. These are the perfect boys' school shoes to invest in for your older boys, especially if you have an active son. The children who love to stay fit and active all day long will need a pair of comfortable and trendy trainers. Every parent must invest in the ultimate boys' school shoes. 


You will find a pair of trainers perfect for children to wear. These boys' school shoes feature a thick and comfortable sole, with lace-up or touch-fastening methods to fasten. 


Why not invest in a pair of ZOOM brands for your son's next boys' school shoes? These trainers are trendy and comfortable to wear from morning until night. Our size guide will help you find a fit for your active boys. 


5. Casual in Slip-on


Let your son stay comfortable all day long in our slip-on boys' school shoe range. These are the type of shoe pair that can last your son all year long. But, of course, nothing is better than rocking a pair of slip-on boys' school shoes for the day


These are easy to wear and can easily come on and off your son's feet. These types of kicks are perfect for children who hate getting up early and spending time getting ready for the day. You can even invest in a pair of slip-on kicks for yourself and match them with your son. 


This tip might encourage your son to wear his favourite school shoes, boys' style, outside the classroom more often. To complete signing our sign-ups today and get our best deals!


6. Accessories! 


When investing in a set of boys' school shoes, remember to get your hands on a pair of accessories. There will be a time when your son comes home from a long day of study and play, and his footwear is all tangled up. Whether it is a dirty sock, knotted laces, or broken soles, you will need a pair of accessories to save the day


We recommend investing in innersoles that can sit inside the footwear. We also recommend investing in a pair of backup laces and socks. These will become super necessary for when you least expect it. 


There will be a time when your son tells you he needs a new pair of socks or laces because his current ones are worn out. These accessories will become necessary for your child's new boys' school shoes. So, of course, there is nothing better than adding accessories to your black school shoes. So, add our accessories to your wishlist!


Have You Found the Perfect Style of Boys' School Shoes?


We know that our selection of kicks is sure to become your son's new go-to pair of kicks. There is no better feeling than wearing a comfortable and supportive set of boys' school shoes throughout the day. We will be happy to help you find your next pair of boys' school shoes! So head to the Spendless shoe store and grab one now!