Boy’s School Shoes for Little One's Learner to Tie Laces

Does your son need a new pair of boy's school shoes? If you are nodding your head yes, then you are in the right place! Here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect range of school shoes for every child to wear and fall in love with. 


You can never go wrong if you have a pair of these sneakers in your life. Our range of school shoes will instantly keep your child's feet safe and protected throughout the day. We have a size guide for you to look at on our store site, and it includes EU cm with approximate sizes for your feet.


If you are ready to treat your son to some new kicks, then now is the time to make it happen. Scroll below to discover new footwear styles for your son to wear during a day of learning and play!   


Style 1 – Lace-ups


Give your son the perfect pair of black school shoes that are going around by gifting him a set of lace-up kicks. These kids' school shoes are the most secure style of kicks that your son could ever own. They are sturdy, stylish, and super comfortable, which is the best combination for your son's day in the classroom and on the basketball court. 


The lace-up style of school shoes is a versatile look that can take your son through a whole day of learning and play. In addition, these school shoes offer a thick sole and sturdy material, which makes these kids' school shoes a worthwhile investment. Lace-up shoes are also a popular style for teenagers to wear as their high school shoes.


These kicks can get made from vegan-friendly or 100% leather material, which ensures your active kid's new school shoes will last for a while and remain durable throughout any activity. We cannot recommend these school shoes enough!


Style 2 – Touch-fastening 


Check out our range of touch-fastening boys' school shoes. These are the perfect kicks that every child needs in their life. You will find that this footwear style is suitable for a day full of learning and play. 


The touch-fastening straps can ensure that your child's feet will stay locked in place all day long. In addition, the touch-fastening straps offer an easy-to-wear footwear style that cannot get found in many places. These are the type of kicks a child struggles with waking up and getting ready in the morning. 


All your children will have to wake up, slip into their pair of touch-fastening boys' school shoes, and start the day. STUDY is one of our favourite styles of kicks! These boys' black school shoes will make your life a whole lot better! 


Style 3 – Boots


Get your hands on our range of boots! These are the perfect boys' school shoes for every child to enjoy. In addition, boots are the perfect set of boys' school shoes to wear during the cooler months. 


In addition, you will find that these boys' school shoes are one of the most protective kicks for the winter season. Our boys' school shoes feature footwear designed to protect your child's feet and keep them comfortable from morning until night. Boots have a high-cut design that ensures no water or mud seeps into the footwear and turns your son's feet and socks into a soggy mess. 


These school shoes for boys also offer a thick and supportive sole, with a pull-tab at the back for extra assistance when putting them on. Your son will love how simple these boots are to wear. They will want to wear them every day of the week thanks to their level of comfort and style.


Style 4 – Canvas


Keep things comfortable and casual with our range of canvas sneakers. These boys' school shoes are perfect for children who love all things minimalistic. Women and men of all ages would want to wear these shoes for comfort.


In addition, canvas sneakers are perfect to wear during study hours and after hours. When your child wears a pair of canvas sneakers, you can easily take them straight from extracurricular activities to a family dinner when they wear a pair of canvas sneakers. Finally, your children will love to wear a set of canvas sneakers all day long. 


These are comfortable, breathable, and durable so that nothing can stop them in their tracks with these boys' school shoes on their feet. They can move around the classroom and outside easily and comfortably with these canvas sneakers. Consider this a sign to purchase one pair at our brand shop at a very low price. So create your account and enjoy your online shopping!


Style 5 – Trainers


Do you have an active son? Does he love to play sports all day long? You are in the right place if you answered yes to both of these questions. However, finding footwear for active children can be more difficult than usual. That is why we recommend investing in a set of trainers. 


If your son's education system allows it, you can get him a pair of all-black or all-white trainers. These are the boys' school shoes you would need for an active child. Trainers feel comfortable and supportive on the base of their son's feet. In addition, these boys' school shoes offer thick soles with cushioning in all the right places. Trainers fasten up with laces and offer a pull tab at the back for extra assistance. 


These boys' school shoes will be perfect for a physical education class. The best thing about these pairs is that your son can wear them after hours. Whether for a play date with friends or an afternoon workout, your son will feel great in these kids' school shoes. Every child in New Zealand will want a pair of these kicks in their footwear collection. 


Style 6 – Printed 


This footwear style is perfect for all young children who love to watch their favourite Disney shows on repeat. Our range of printed sneakers is sure to make every child super happy. 


These boys' school shoes can help keep your child motivated throughout the day of learning and play. They will feel like their favourite character is with them throughout the day (so cute, right?!). If your child needs a new pair of school shoes, then a set of printed sneakers will make them the happiest child in the world. 


The best thing about this footwear style is that it can encourage your child to stay on task throughout the day. In addition, wearing these kicks can make them feel like they are studying with their friend by their side, so you will not have to experience tantrums or tears if you close checkout these boys' school shoes. 


Have you found the perfect boys' school shoes for your child?


We know that our range of footwear will tick all the right boxes. You can never go wrong with a set of these kicks in your life. Head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website today to find out more!