Boy's School Shoes Need to Be Sturdy, and That's Exactly What You Get With Spendless!

Do you need to get your hands on a new pair of boys' school shoes? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. The team here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand have everything you need. We have everything and more when shopping for a new pair of school shoes. However, you will want to invest in a set that offers sturdy and protective features, which we have here at Spendless. 


Every parent in New Zealand will want to know where your new pair of boy's school shoes are from. Of course, you'll never regret buying a boy's school shoes here with us. But, if you are ready to see what we have available for you, keep reading. We know that there is something for everyone to enjoy. 


Style 1 – Boots


Get ready for winter with our collection of boots. These are the ultimate style of boy's school shoes that every little man needs in his life. You will love what a pair of these kicks can do for your child, especially during the year's cooler months. 


Boots feature a super protective outer material and thick, comfortable sole. So you can trust that these boys' school shoes will keep your child's feet protected all day long. In addition, boots feature a high-rise cut, ensuring no available entries for rain, dirt, or mud to enter.


You will love how comfortable and protective a pair of these boys' school shoes are on your son's feet. So get your hands on BENSON this season, and watch how happy your child will be with these kicks in your life. You will love how protective and easy to wear a pair of boots are. 


Style 2 – Cartoon


Have some fun this education year with our range of cartoon boys' school shoes! You and your son will love what a pair of these kicks can do. We know that every child has a favourite TV or cartoon character. So whether it is Spider-man or Minecraft, we have the perfect range of boys' school shoes.


These kicks can encourage every child to focus during the day and have fun at recess and lunch. You will find that your child is super productive with these lace-ups on his feet. There is nothing better than seeing your child looking and feeling his very best all day long. The best thing about these boys' school shoes is that your son can wear them after hours. 


So if your son has a playdate or sports training to attend, he can do it in style with his favourite cartoon character by his side. These boys' school shoes are too good to be true! So take these kicks to the checkout area and enjoy!


Style 3 – Canvas 


Are you looking for a pair of breathable footwear? Nodding your head, yes? Then you are in the right place. Our range of boy's canvas school shoes can provide you with a selection of breathable footwear. 


You'll find that these kicks feature a thin sole and light outer material. The light outer material is sure to enhance the breathable qualities. In addition, you will find that the lace-up fastening keeps your child's feet safe and secure all day long. These are the school shoes boys always use in school.


We recommend wearing these boys' school shoes throughout the year's warmer months. You will find that breathable footwear can eliminate any issues of sweaty or odorous feet. These kicks are a must-have in every little man's wardrobe. 


Style 4 – Touch-fastening 


Does your son hate waking up early? Does he struggle to get ready on time? You are in luck if you nod your head yes to these questions. Our range of touch-fastening boys' school shoes can take your look to the next level. 


You will find that these kicks are super easy to wear and can also get worn after hours. The touch-fastening range of boy's school shoes that we offer will become your new favourite pair of kicks. So choose the right shoes using our size guide. In addition, you can enjoy amazing rewards and many benefits once you purchase our items.


This style of footwear is super easy for any child to wear. So your son can wake up in the morning, jump out of bed, and step straight into his pair of touch-fastening boy's school shoes. So you can say goodbye to tantrums and hello to versatile footwear. You will love having touch-fastening boys' school shoes in the house. 


Style 5 – Trainers


Say hello to our range of trainers. These boys' school shoes will become a family favourite in no time. You will love what a pair of these kicks can do for your son. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of trainers for a day of learning and play. 


You will find that trainers are the perfect pair of kicks to wear all day long. If your son loves to play sports, this is more reason to get him a set of trainers. This boy's school shoe style can protect your child's feet with ease. Trainers offer a thick and comfortable sole, with a padded outer material and lace-up fastening. It is hard to fault a pair of trainers. 




We recommend that when parents shop for a new set of boys' school shoes, they should also get some accessories for their child's footwear. So invest in some footwear accessories, and you won't regret it! 


This process will ensure that your new pair of boys' school shoes are kept in good condition and increase the longevity of the footwear. In addition, we recommend getting your hands on some innersoles for your new pair of boys' school shoes. Innersoles sit on the inside of your child's footwear and can instantly provide a new comfort level. 


We also recommend investing in some backup laces and socks. You will never know when you need these most. Every parent hates coming home to torn up laces and worn-out socks. This tip is why we recommend investing in some accessories for your child's next pair of boys' school shoes! Visit our brand store right now!


Have our boy's school shoes caught your eye?


If you have found the perfect pair of kicks, then now is the time to get your hands on them. You and your son will smile on your face all day long with these kicks by your side. So head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website today for your next favourite pair of boys' school shoes! Create an account to enjoy their amazing surprises!