Boys Can Be hard On Their School Shoes, Spendless School Shoes Can Help!

Boys School Shoes That Stand Up To The Task

Do you need boys' school shoes for your kids? Shop for the best styles that Spendless has on offer! We have an affordable range that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Our collection of glossy, black boys' school shoes will have your children looking ready to learn.

A matter of material

So, how durable are boys' school shoes from Spendless? When it comes to long-lasting wear and resilience, the fabric can make all the difference. We have narrowed it down to two main kinds— leather and synthetic.

Leather products tend to have more flex and are better at circulating air, while synthetic products are easy to clean, handle water well, and are harder to mark up. Leather products tend to need more maintenance than synthetics, as well as requiring various care products along with them.

So, which is better for boys' school shoes?

Okay, that was a trick question. Many factors can lead to boys' school shoes wearing down quickly, including how well (or otherwise) your kids treat them. But with thirty years of experience to back-up our designs, we like to think we've cracked the code.

Boys' school shoes at Spendless are hardy and durable, and most come with a mix of both materials. In essence, we've weighed the pros and cons of both synthetic and leather in order to design boys' school shoes that encompass their best strengths instead of their weaknesses, so you always get your money's worth.

A choice of security

At Spendless, our boys' school shoes come with a mixture of velcro straps and laces. The former is better suited to older students, while the latter will work well for kids who are too young to tie laces by themselves. Boys' school shoes with a combination style (bearing both velcro straps and laces) are an excellent option during the transition between these two and offer an additional guard for safety while kids are still learning to do-up their boys' school shoes.

Some sporty styles

Don't forget about sneakers and trainers! These may not always be the first thing that jumps to mind when you think about boys' school shoes, but they do deserve to be on the list. If your child has PE classes, playtime, or some other athletic activities in their day, then you want boys' school shoes that can handle it. Our bright, fun, colourful sneakers are the perfect solution. If your kids love their sports, then sneakers are essential. Plus, these boys' school shoes can also get some wear at home or on the weekends too!

Sensational sandals

Sandals are ideal for the warmer months. Like sneakers and trainers, these sporty little boys' school shoes might not have been your first pick, but they should be on your radar. Sandals are nice, lightweight, and breathable. Where little feet can get sweaty and smelly inside socks and regular boys' school shoes, our sandals allow air to circulate freely and keep toes cool.

Did we mention that our sandals are playground-approved too? Thanks to the enclosed toes, our sandal-style boys' school shoes should pass any dress code. Bark-chips and other nuisances should be no trouble under the foot either, thanks to the nice sturdy sole.

Spendless has the best classroom-classics imaginable

If you need boys' school shoes that will keep your children cosy while they learn, play, and have fun, then our collection is the one for you! Jump online and browse the entire range— we have styles to please anyone. Get the look for less (and a fantastic pair of boys' school shoes) when you shop at Spendless.