Boys' School Shoes Don't Have to Be Boring… Spendless Has You Covered!

Entice your child to class by providing exciting boys' school shoes. One of the reasons it can be difficult for you to make your child wear their academic footwear is because they find the styles boring. 


Your child's life reaches a point where peers and classmates can influence their taste. So even if everything is fine with the kinds of new school shoes they have, they will still find them not to their liking. 


Peer pressure is a reality that affects what your child wants. Your child will likely feel the same way if their friends don't like the kid's school shoes. 


Thankfully, the collection at Spendless New Zealand is a check for students of all ages. The huge range of selected styles of boys' school shoes are classic, timeless, and entering details, and everyone loves them. 


If you take your child shopping at Spendless NZ, they might end up speechless, not knowing which style to get for themselves. 


Do you want to discover the different features that make the boys' school shoes at Spendless NZ exciting?


If yes, read on to learn more about them. It pays to understand what constitutes kids' school shoes that students like. Let's start!


Check the Materials


The materials that make up the academic footwear contribute to their style. Your child will find them unwearable if they make them uncomfortable or protect them against the natural elements. 


Spendless NZ footwear is available in two materials: leather and vegan-friendly. Each offers a unique appeal that may help in choosing one.


Leather academic shoes are breathable and insulated, two characteristics essential in New Zealand. 


Since the country has extreme weather, which can be sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon, academic footwear must provide size range support either way.


Vegan-compatible footwear is durable thanks to synthetic materials. Compared to leather footwear, vegan-friendly ones are cruelty-free and do not use any animal products in production. 


Because of this, it has fewer steps, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. And fewer steps make vegan-friendly academic shoes more affordable.


Looks-wise, you won't notice the difference between both kinds. All Spendless NZ footwear looks nice!


We compete with the best brands, such as Nike, but we provide a lower price while maintaining the same quality.


Look for Fastenings


Fastening adds style and appeal to boys' school shoes. But more than providing aesthetic appeal, fastenings have multiple purposes: adjustability, security, and longevity. 


A massive chunk of your child's comfort depends on the adjustability of the footwear. There can be instances where your child needs to tighten or loosen them, and they must be able to do so. 


Apart from that, fastenings also ensure that the footwear stays on their feet. The footwear must remain secured so it won't come off accidentally and cause injury to your child. Your child's footwear must always stay on their feet, especially when playing.


Thirdly, fastenings provide longevity to academic footwear because they hold the heel firmly at the back. Since Spendless NZ footwear isn't dull, your child will love it.


It would make them sad if their favourite boys' school shoes didn't last long. Besides, you don't want their footwear to break suddenly during gameplay.


The Spendless NZ collection of boys' school shoes uses two kinds of fastening: touch-fastening straps and laces. Each has its pros and cons. Let's look at them!


Touch-fastening straps are easier to use than lace. Your child must only press two nylon strips together to lock the footwear. 


The straps offer adjustability, security, and longevity. However, this fastening has some disadvantages: 


It creates a distinct noise whenever your child pries their academic footwear open, which can be disturbing.


Dirt and dust attach quickly to the touch-fastening straps, which lessens their adhesion. However, some household items, like tweezers and duct tape, can help you remove them.


The touch-fastening straps attach to random things and destroy them. 


There's a limit to the number of times your child can open and close the touch-fastening straps. Once they reach the maximum, it's time to replace the footwear.


Meanwhile, laced shoes offer the same benefits: adjustability, security, and longevity. Of the two, the laces are more adjustable. One way is by adjusting how your child ties the laces, while the other is by putting the laces through the eyelets. 


More importantly, laces are independent of the kids' school shoes, which means you can clean or replace them separately from the footwear. 


One disadvantage of using laces is their tendency to come undone. When laces suddenly become untied, they may trip your child and cause an accident.


Find the Best Styles


Say goodbye to boring styles once you shop for boys' school shoes at Spendless NZ. The collection offers all the classic types that students of all ages go for. 


Some children fear their peers and classmates will shun them if they wear unpopular school shoes. Lucky for them, not a single style from Spendless NZ is outdated. 


The brand carries on-trend academic shoes for little ones, which make your child more confident and motivated to interact and join the games!


Suppose your child is in the early stages of learning skills; getting them pull-on boots is best. This type of footwear does not have fastenings and is the easiest to wear. 


Instead of fastenings, the footwear has elastic side gussets that expand and retract to provide a snug fit. 


The two kinds of academic shoes that use touch-fastening straps and laces are double straps and lace-ups. Older students can enjoy the benefits of these style trends. 


Apart from the three regular school shoes, your child will need a second pair for strenuous activities like PE and sports. 


Spendless NZ has sneakers and trainers with colours and designs that are exciting. Giving your child a second pair of footwear would support them during these activities.


Stay On-Trend with Spendless NZ Kids' School Shoes!


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