Boys' School Shoes for Every Grade!

Shopping for boys' school shoes can be challenging if you don't know what to look for and where to find them. However, your child deserves the best, so as parents, you look far and wide to provide footwear that can support their daily needs.

Boys' school shoes are essential in keeping your child healthy, stable, and comfortable throughout the academic year. If they don't have the correct footwear, the health of their feet may suffer, especially since they're still developing until puberty.

Do you know the styles of boy's school shoes ideal for every grade?

If you need help, allow our team from Spendless New Zealand to assist you. We understand what your child needs and can help you prevent future tantrums caused by painful school shoes. So let's dive right into it! 

When's the Best Time to Buy? 

Many parents wonder when's an ideal time to buy school footwear for boys. Some assume it should be at the start of the holidays to get the chore out of the way. But please remember how quickly your kid's feet grow; buying school shoes for boys weeks before might entail buying another soon because they've outgrown the footwear. 

Which Styles Are Suitable for Young Guys? 

Before buying your child's academic footwear, check the learning institution's uniform policy. Usually, they require school shoes to be black, durable, and comfortable to support them in all their activities.

We all know how boisterous these children can be, so you need styles that withstand wear and tear. Thankfully, Spendless New Zealand has all the boys' school shoes for every grade. So let's look at the available ones. 

Style 1 – Pull-On Ankle Boots 

The pull-on ankle boots are ideal for young children starting their academic journey because this style is easy to wear and remove by themselves.

In addition, since they will likely run around the playground, it's good that the coverage of these school footwear for boys reaches the ankles, protecting them from pebbles and sharp objects that might hurt them.

Although without fastenings, the pull-on ankle boots have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape. These gussets provide school footwear for boys with a comfortable, snug fit.

Style 2 – Double Straps 

Another style available at Spendless New Zealand, ideal for younger students, is the double straps. This style uses touch-fastening straps that are easy to lock and open independently. 

The leather guarantees a comfortable academic learning experience since it allows air to circulate within. You will love how these school shoes for boys have soles that grip the ground they run and play on, ensuring they remain steady and slip-free. 

Style 3 – Lace Up 

As your child ages, you can start considering a more refined style that requires some skills, such as lace-tying. It takes a while for kids to learn how to tie their shoes independently, but it's such an achievement once they do. 

So buy them the lace-up boy's school shoes, and watch them proudly beam once they know how.

Laces are the only fastenings independent of footwear. So, even when they get soiled or destroyed, you don't need to buy new boy's school shoes; just wash or replace the laces separately. 

Adjustability is a strong suit because your child can tighten or loosen the fit. He can also practice creativity with the various ways he can tie the laces of these shoes. 

Style 4 – Sneakers/Trainers 

Because your child's feet are still developing, they must wear shoes that support a specific activity. For instance, joining sports teams and having physical education (PE) classes entail more strenuous activities and movements. 

Therefore, they need trainers or sneakers that can provide comfort, support, and shock absorption as they jump, run, and skip through all the activities.

The collection of these boys' school shoes at Spendless New Zealand comes in different vibrant colours and fastenings that suit their skill level. 

Shopping Tips to Remember 

1. Avoid the Crowd 

Taking your child with you when you shop for shoes is a must. We know how impatient they can get, so the risk of throwing tantrums is high. But their presence is essential because they must try the footwear on.

We bet you'd also lose your patience if you shopped for shoes during peak hours with a huge crowd. So, choose a day with few people for your sake. 

But more importantly, you need to shop in the afternoon or evening because your child's feet are at their largest size, and you need to account for this size change when buying shoes!

Another option to consider to avoid crowds is to shop online, where you can get more discount vouchers and coupons! 

For example, when you visit Spendless New Zealand's website, you'll see pop-up windows informing you of sales and discounts you can use. Plus, you can shop 24/7 from the comfort of your home! 

2. Bring the Socks 

Some parents overlook this tiny tip of bringing the socks their child will wear with their shoes. It gives them a dry run of the fit and how everything goes together. They must try different styles with their socks during the academic year. 

3. Expect to Buy New Ones Soon

Please remember that your child's feet can undergo a growth spurt, so you must buy new boy's school shoes soon. Observe tell-tale signs that your child is starting to feel uncomfortable with their footwear—challenging to get them to wear the footwear, more tantrums, moody. It's critical to replace the shoes immediately, as wearing ill-fitting footwear may cause permanent damage to their feet.

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