Boys' School Shoes From Spendless Are Perfect for Your Son

In looking for boys' school shoes for your son, you need to consider several things, such as the features that must be present in the footwear to keep your child comfortable and supported all day. 

Ensure durability because of the extreme weather in New Zealand, which adds to the wear and tear of the footwear. 

You also need to consider the level of support they can provide your son because we know how young guys are—active, loving to play, and rough sometimes. 

And because we want to ensure you get the correct kind to last your child as long as possible, we are sharing essential things to remember. 

Parents need to work within a budget, and lucky for you, the boys' school shoes at Spendless New Zealand are affordable and tick all the critical boxes. The Spendless NZ team would like to help ensure that their academic footwear will go the distance this year.

What to look for in kids' school shoes to get the right fit?

While shopping with your son can be a recipe for disaster (tantrums, crying, impatience), you must bring them when you buy their school shoes. Usually, brands have trained staff in-store to measure your child's size. If none, then it's up to you to ensure you get the size right. 

Take your child shopping in the afternoon when their feet have swollen from daily activities so that you can include the growth. Also, get the width and length of each foot separately.

Please choose a pair of school shoes with enough thickness in the heel to keep the foot in a neutral position and avoid clawing, which can lead to a permanent deformity. 

Ensure that they are lightweight because heavy footwear can cause muscle pain and foot aches, especially for younger kids.

Also, check the footwear's flexibility to mimic the natural movement of their foot when they walk. For example, the footwear should bend until the ball of the foot; anything more than that will affect your child's developing feet.

Choose school shoes that are rounded or square-toed. A wide-toe box is necessary to give your child enough wiggle room for their toes. In addition, their toes must spread naturally, impacting balance and stability. 

You also need to ensure there's a way for air to circulate. Leather and mesh materials allow sweat to escape the shoes and keep your son's feet fresh all day.

Ensure their school shoes have laces to adjust the fit for maximum comfort and safety. For example, Spendless New Zealand has two fastening options for their line of boys' shoes—touch-fastening straps and laces. As a result, your son will be more comfortable pairs that he can adjust to the perfect fit.

Spendless New Zealand Styles!

A good pair of footwear will help prevent problems such as flat feet, sore knees, and back pain from developing. The school shoes at Spendless New Zealand will protect your son's growing and developing feet. 

The styles are firm and supportive, ideal for the bones in your son's feet that do not fuse until puberty. First, let's look at the different types.

1. Pull-On Boots

Spendless NZ's pull-on boots are versatile because your son can wear them on weekdays and weekends. These will ensure your son remains comfortable in his classes or during formal weekend events. 

This uniform staple is famous for its sleek and stylish leather look finish. Without fastenings, these easy-to-wear school shoes for boys use elastic side gussets, which expand to accommodate any foot shape and ensure a snug fit. 

The rounded-toe design provides a comfortable fit, while the pull tabs help your child put on the footwear within seconds.

2. Double Straps

Double-straps use two touch-fastening straps to keep the shoes in place. The touch-fastening straps are easy to use, which your early starter can do singlehandedly. Your child can lock his footwear by pressing them together. 

He can also adjust the tightness of his footwear using these nylon strips.

These leather shoes provide the breathability your child needs to keep their feet fresh despite being active all day. In addition, the sturdy soles provide grip and traction that keep them steady on different surfaces. 

Whether running around the playground or participating in classroom activities, this style can keep your son cosy and stable.

3. Lace-Ups

These shoes use the only independent fastening of all—laces. What do we mean?

Unlike double straps, where the loss of adhesion will render the footwear useless and needing replacement, lace-ups don't work that way. You can clean or replace the laces separately from the shoe. 

Moreover, these shoes have durable treads that withstand the wear and tear of New Zealand's natural elements and your child's active lifestyle.

This classic footwear boasts a rounded-toe design and glossy leather finish to help your son look sharp as he navigates the challenging academic day-to-day. 

The leather material provides breathability, while the reinforced toe and heel ensure shoes remain firm where needed.

4. Sneakers

While all the boys' shoes at Spendless New Zealand have the comfort and protection of your child as a top priority, it's still essential that they wear footwear suitable for their activities. 

These shoes have mesh material for breathability, various secure fastenings, and grooved treads for support and grip! If your son is on a sports team or has physical education (PE) classes, he must have trainers or sneakers.

Get School Shoes Boys Will Be More Comfortable In!

Ensure your son has the best academic experience year-round with comfortable and durable boys' school shoes. Choose from any style at Spendless New Zealand. Get yours from the nearest retailer or online store! Add socks or laces before checking out! 

It's usually a good idea to compare several brands to find the proper fit for the ideal pair of footwear. We carry a wide range of school footwear at Spendless NZ from well-known manufacturers like ROC, Harrison, Skechers, and more. 

Like premium brands, ours is designed for long-lasting use and provides many benefits. Everyone can always find footwear that fits their needs, including mens and womens, high school shoes for teens, and baby-toddler shoes. 

If you are concerned about ordering the correct shoe size, please refer to our comprehensive size guide, which includes US, UK, EU (CM) conversions.

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