Boys’ School Shoes He’ll Want to Wear Even on the Weekend!

Don’t you love multi-purpose footwear, especially for your son?


Several factors will allow for this scenario. For starters, the boys’ school shoes must be versatile (and those from Spendless New Zealand are), so they can wear their academic footwear beyond their educational institution.


Lucky for you (and for your child), the styles available at Spendless New Zealand go well with uniforms and suits for special occasions. Some school shoes, which we’ll tackle later, look excellent with casual outfits, which they can wear on play dates and mall trips with you.


Secondly, your child’s footwear must be durable because if they are to wear their school shoes even on weekends, it means they are wearing the same footwear for seven days. The ability of the footwear to withstand the wear and tear of a playful and active child can be put to the test after seven days of continuous use. You don't need to worry about anything because the school shoes from Spendless NZ are made of top-notch materials.


Most importantly, your child will want to wear his school shoes even on weekends if they are comfortable. It will support them as their feet grow and ensure they don't have any pain as they continue to play.


To familiarise yourself with the different styles of school shoes, please allow our team at Spendless NZ to assist you. We will discuss each type and how they are ideal for your child’s weekend activities. Read on to learn more!


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


Pull-on ankle boots are versatile school shoes that your child can also wear to special events on the weekend. This footwear looks excellent with uniforms, suits, and party clothes.


Your son will stand out when he wears these comfortable shoes to weddings and family reunions. The elastic side gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape. Without fastenings, your child can easily slide their feet into the shoes and leave for the party, which is perfect for children who take a long time to prepare.


The leather helps the shoes last from the week to the weekend. Leather school shoes for boys are breathable and cover the feet up to the ankle. The material allows air to pass through, keeping their feet nice and dry in class and on weekends.


The boots cover and protect them from things like rain, which is common in New Zealand, and pebbles and stones that they might run into while playing with their cousins and other little ones at the party. In addition, these school shoes have soles with good traction to keep them steady on the playground.


More importantly, the rounded toe design gives your child's toes enough room to spread out, which makes them more stable and helps them keep their balance. These school shoes will keep your child comfortable so they can enjoy the weekend.


Style 2—Double Straps


Double straps are the second type of boy's school shoe we will discuss. The leather-upper material of this footwear allows it to adapt and mould to the shape of your child’s feet, providing them with a comfortable fit.


Unlike the boots, the double-strap shoes are unsuitable for formal events. But your child can still love them on the weekends for playdates. In addition, with two touch-fastening straps, your child can put them on and take them off with one hand.


Your child will love wearing these to play because the straps can be tightened or loosened to get the right fit. In the heat of gameplay, they will eventually need to adjust the shoes for more comfort.


Zoom in on the soles, and you’ll appreciate the grip they can provide, making the experience safer for your child. These shoes can protect your child in class on weekdays and weekend playdates!


Style 3—Lace-Up


Lace-ups use lace fastening to provide a secure, adjustable fit. Your child can use this style on the weekend for special occasions that do not require a formal dress code. They will look dapper wearing these classic-looking footwear with their uniform and weekend outfits like jeans and button-down shirts.


Lace fastenings are amazing because they can be replaced and cleaned separately from footwear. Your child can also show their creativity and individuality by changing the laceson weekends and returning them in time for class on weekdays.


More importantly, thanks to their rounded toe design, your child will be comfortable in this footwear, which provides enough space for the toes to spread. We don’t want tantrums and crying at a weekend event due to ill-fitting footwear, do we?


Style 4—Sneakers


Sneakers are the fourth kind of boys’ shoes for the classroom available at Spendless New Zealand, specifically for sports, clubs, and physical education. The best way to make sure your child's feet grow in the right way is to give them footwear made for the activities they do.


Shoes should support sudden direction shifts and stops for sports. Your child will probably pun on trainers on weekends, too, since they'll play, run, and love sports!


These shoes are available in a huge size range and colourful designs. In the same way that the "best" brands do, these will influence your kid's weekday and weekend routines. Please make them put on Spendless NZ socks to keep their feet safe while they enjoy themselves.


Provide Your Child with Kids' School Shoes He’ll Live in for 7 Days!


Your child needs 24/7 foot protection, and you can give them that with new school shoes from Spendless NZ. We stock huge range of this durable, comfortable, versatile, and affordable footwear. Purchase one from a Spendless NZ shop or online store near you!


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