Boys' School Shoes Ideal for Days on the Playground!

Your young son's boundless energy on the playground will be a test for any pair of boys' school shoes. Let them go outside and expect these young guys to run, play, jump, chase each other, and climb the monkey bars. While all of this sounds fun, their safety is always paramount. As parents, you will worry less about your child if they wear the correct footwear to ensure they are steady and stable the whole time they are playing. 

Academic footwear plays a massive role in your child's weekdays. School shoes must keep them cosy in the classroom and the playground. What features must they have to ensure they can do their job on the playground?

At Spendless New Zealand, your child's safety and comfort are our top priorities. Academic footwear is their constant companion and should ensure intense and high-impact activities won't cause your child to trip and fall. Let's make your search a breeze with our help. Please allow us to highlight the features of Spendless NZ boys' school shoes and why they are ideal for your son's days on the playground. If you're ready, let's start! 


1. Quality materials


We know that young guys playing outside can be rough and intense. Sometimes, they can last long and only stop during lunch. Spendless NZ boys' school shoes are ideal for this because of their quality materials, which can withstand wear and tear. Not only that, but the durable materials can also last through erratic weather. Rain or shine, expect that your son will play on the playground. Our footwear can always protect them, whether dealing with inclement weather, uneven surfaces, soft terrain, stones, or sharp objects. 

Spendless NZ uses two kinds of materials: leather and vegan-friendly. These two are durable and do not break at the first sign of high-impact activities. You can feel reassured because your child wears the best academic footwear. Both materials perform as expected, exhibiting qualities that make them perfect for the playground.

For instance, leather is breathable and has insulation, features ideal for erratic weather changes. Boys' school shoes must provide ventilation to your child's feet so that they will stay dry and fresh despite sweaty games. In the same way, the academic shoes must also hold warmth when the weather is wet and cold. 

On the one hand, vegan-friendly material is equally durable, perfect for when your son is extra energetic and playful. The production of vegan footwear is cruelty-free and leaves a minimal carbon footprint. 


2. A secure and adjustable fit


No one can predict what can happen during gameplay, so footwear must stay in place while they run. If their footwear comes off suddenly, it can trip them and make them fall. Not only that, but their comfort is always a top priority. Their movements can cause their feet to swell, so there's a need to adjust the fit of their shoes. 

Spendless NZ understands the need to keep the footwear secure and adjustable and makes it possible through fastenings. Two kinds are available for the brand's boys' school shoes: touch-fastening straps and laces. Here's a quick rundown of each type to determine which is best for your son's development. 


Touch-fastening Straps


Younger students prefer the ease of using touch-fastening straps for their academic footwear. They can quickly close their footwear by pressing two nylon strips together. Within seconds, your child can join the fun and games. Academic shoes that use touch-fastening straps stay in place and allow easy adjustment. However, you must know that prying the straps will require more force because the adhesion is strong, producing a distinct and distracting sound. 

This firmness has pros and cons. On one side, it ensures that footwear stays in place. However, it quickly latches on various materials and destroys them. It catches dirt and lint, which diminishes its adhesion properties. 




Meanwhile, the second type of fastening for boys' school shoes is ideal for older students skilled at independently tying their laces. Laces provide a more customisable fit, which your child can adjust by how he weaves and ties them. 

One massive difference between laces and touch-fastening straps is that laces are independent of the footwear, meaning you can replace and clean the laces separately. To save you a trip in the future, why not get Spendless NZ laces now for the boys' school shoes?

One important thing to remember about laces, especially since your child will be running around the playground, is that they can come undone. When that happens, your child can accidentally remove their footwear or trip on their laces, potentially causing your child to get hurt.


3. Has grip and traction


As mentioned, erratic weather won't stop your child from having fun on the playground. They need boys' school shoes that provide grip and traction to keep them steady and safe while running on wet, soft, or uneven grounds. Parents can sleep better at night because Spendless NZ keeps their children injury-free. 


4. Stylish and on-trend


The kind of academic footwear your child wears can impact how other students treat your child. Wearing the wrong style, or what others think is unacceptable, can lower your child's self-esteem and make him feel unwelcome to join the games. Thankfully, he's safe with Spendless NZ boys' school shoes. Your son can choose from pull-on boots, double straps, lace-ups for regular activities, and sneakers for sports and PE classes. The entire collection is timeless and classic, ensuring your son remains confident and comfortable. Moreover, our academic shoes are versatile, so your child can have fun on the playground and special occasions.


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