Boys’ School Shoes Perfect for Winter

Winters in New Zealand can be harsh since the country is known for its extreme weather conditions. Parents must consider several things in keeping their sons comfortable in their classes during this cold season. Their top concern is keeping them warm and dry, an area where Spendless New Zealand can help.

One of the easiest entryways for cold to enter your child’s body is via their feet, so parents must find boys’ school shoes ideal for winter. 

These school shoes must keep warm, dry, and, more importantly, stable on wet surfaces. As a result, the risk of accidental slips rises during winter. 

The best way to prevent that is to look through the available school shoes at Spendless New Zealand and pick the one that most protects them. So what features are critical to safeguarding your child from rain and snow?

Allow our team from Spendless New Zealand to enlighten you with essential features to check. Of course, your child’s winter protection will depend on your choice, so it’s best to get as much information as possible.

What to Look for in Winter Footwear?

To ensure your child will have a safe and comfortable academic experience during winter, we have gathered some features you need to check when buying footwear. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down the best choice for your son.

1. Can it provide warmth?

 If you protect your child with winter clothes to keep their body warm, you must do the same for their feet, especially if you experience extreme winters. First, check for the shoe materials, then throw in warmer socks for extra warmth.

2. Do they remain comfortable for long periods? 

The shoes must be comfortable for long periods since your child is in the learning institution most of the day. In addition, your son will be participating in and joining activities in the classroom and playground, so his footwear must be able to support him. 

We suggest looking for styles that are simple in structure, as fancy or complex features can add to the stress. Then, when your child tries the footwear, ask them to walk around and observe how they walk. 

Assess if they are walking comfortably or look strained with their footwear.

3. Breathability is essential.

Breathability is essential whether the weather is warm or cold. If not from sweat, the likely cause for wet feet is the weather. During winter, there are high chances their feet can get wet even with the coverage of their footwear. 

Breathability will allow air to enter and any moisture to escape. You want water to evaporate from the shoes, so your child can avoid infections and fungal build-up, which can cause a foul odour. 

4. Must have a firm grip. 

Stability is the top characteristic you need to check in your child’s winter footwear. Ensure that the footwear has soles with good grip and traction, allowing them to join games in the playground without risks of getting wounded or, worse, broken bones! 

Can their shoes give them the stability they need on wet surfaces? 

5. Check the weight.

The school shoes must be lightweight because the added weight may force their developing muscles to exert more force than necessary. If the shoes are heavy too, it might not be healthy for them. Please remember that your child will wear layers of clothes and warmers for winter on top of his bag and lunchbox. 

6. How’s the coverage? 

You’d prefer shoes that completely cover your child’s feet to keep them warm. The footwear must also have enough space for your child to wear thick or double socks when the weather is frigid. The shoes should accommodate these adjustments without causing discomfort to your child. Get an extra pair of socks from Spendless New Zealand. 

Which Spendless New Zealand footwear fits all these characteristics? 

After enumerating all the essential winter characteristics in shoes, we recommend you choose the pull-on ankle boots for your son. This style is the best for winter. 

This style gets to tick all the features needed to keep your child warm, dry, and protected. Allow us to expound.

The pull-on ankle boots have many benefits. They provide coverage for the entire foot until the ankles. These shoes keep your child’s feet winterproof. We all know that boots are great for winter, so why won’t we choose the same style when choosing shoes? 

The footwear has enough space to accommodate double or thick socks, with the help of elastic side gussets that expand for more warmth. As for letting air and moisture out, the leather in pull-on school shoes ensures this can happen. 

Spendless New Zealand knows how important it is for footwear to be light, so it ensures that all of its styles are, and the boots are no different. 

As a result, your child will be comfortable all winter as they sit, stand, walk, and run in shoes with rounded toes that let their toes spread out naturally. 

In addition, school shoes need to ensure they’re not squeezing toes together, as this affects balance and the ability to stay comfortable for long hours.

The tread on the bottom of pull-on ankle boots will keep your child from slipping and falling this winter. Finally, as a wise shopper, you’d love how versatile these school shoes are, which your child can wear even during the weekends for special events, as boots look well with suits. 

Ensure Your Child’s Safety This Winter With Our Kids' School Shoes!  

After discovering which new school shoes boys will love from Spendless New Zealand fit all the winter requirements, you must get one pair for your son. So head to the nearest retailer or the online store and browse our huge range of new styles. When you can, compare our brand with the “best” brands of kids' and high school shoes. 

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