Boys' School Shoes That Are Easy to Get On and Off

At the start of the academic year, parents and guardians scramble to find the perfect boys' school shoes. Depending on where they are in their development stage, you want them to have footwear that they can wear hassle-free. Students in their early years would prefer boys' school shoes that they can wear instantly.


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Those with more skills can opt for footwear with touch-fastening straps they single-handedly can close. More advanced students would, later on, choose those with laces. But until then, here are some boys' school shoes that are easy to get on and off.


Our team at Spendless New Zealand gathered them all in one place to make the search easier for you.


Read on to learn more.


Style 1 - Pull-On Boots

If you are searching for boys' school shoes that are easy to get on and off, stop your search now! This pair doesn't have fastening, so they only need to slip their feet. Young children still learning how to buckle or strap their footwear would love the ease of wear this style offers.


The side gussets on these boys' school shoes are elastic for maximum comfort when slipping their feet. Your son will adore the traditional elegance of these black ankle boots, which go well with uniforms.

Boots also cover the ankles, shielding the wearer's feet from foreign things that might get lodged in their footwear.


Additionally, their thick soles offer stability and traction suitable for the extreme New Zealand weather. However, while these are the boys' school shoes easiest to wear, one drawback is their lack of fastening, so nothing is securing the footwear. As a result, your son may unintentionally remove their boys' school shoes and hurt himself.


Style 2 - Double Straps


Two touch-fastening locks these boys' school shoes in place. Students in their early years of education will adore how easy it is to wear this style. With one hand, they can quickly secure the boys' school shoes, and off they go.


Ideal for children still learning to tie their laces, these straps are adjustable. So, what are these touch-fastening straps?  Touch-fastening straps are two nylon fabric strips, one of which has little hooked threads, and the other has a rough surface.


They lock and create a solid bond when squeezed together. The child must firmly pull the strips apart to open the boys' school shoes. They will hear a distinctive ripping sound while doing so.


The number of times your child may open and close touch-fastening straps before they lose their adhesion is approximately 8,000.


This fastener has a few drawbacks, such as:


  • Straps regularly pick up lint, dirt, or other stray particles, diminishing their effectiveness.
  • The straps attach to materials and can damage them.
  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fastening straps apart.


What to Look for in Boys' School Shoes?


Aside from the ease of putting on and taking off, look into these other characteristics that will keep your child's feet safe.


1. Comfortable


No matter how stylish the footwear is, comfort is crucial for a successful day.

Some tips to consider for a more comfortable experience:


  • Toe Box


Because squeezed toes are the primary source of most injuries or discomfort, look for boys' school shoes with a wide toe box that does not cram toes.


  • Midsole


Your child will be more comfortable throughout the day if you look for boys' school shoes with the correct padding for their foot type. Save your child's sole from pain and strain by choosing the proper midsole or footwear "floor."


2. Flexibility


It is simple to evaluate the flexibility of boys' school shoes. First, twist the footwear in opposite directions. A slight twist is the best level, while a complete spiral is too much.


Bending the boys' school shoes is another way to check. Ideally, it should bend slightly in the midsole, but not until the toe hits the heel. Why is flexibility critical?


Your child walks when moving from one class to another. Walking has a natural rolling motion from toe to heel. They can experience muscular strain or blisters if their boys' school shoes are stiff.


3. Lightweight


Lightweight boys' school shoes will allow your child's feet to glide when walking without extra weight. But wearing heavy shoes can affect their posture and cause them to gain weight, which can be a problem when they are adults. A compromised back, for instance, can cause back and shoulder pain later in life.


They must develop good posture while they are still young. Your child will be grateful if you don't give him bricks for boys' school shoes. The materials used to make lightweight shoes are breathable, so their feet will stay dry on hot, humid days.


4. Adjustable


Choose boys' school shoes with adjustable fastenings, such as touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. You can tighten the footwear and provide additional support, which minimizes potential heel slippage.

Since you're searching for boys' school shoes that are easy to wear, these fastenings help make that happen.


5. Detachable Innersoles


A detachable innersole offers the boys' school shoes more depth so that an orthotic can fit inside if your child needs one or already wears one. Spendless New Zealand has innersoles if you need to replace old ones. Check them out on our foot care page.


6. Robust Heel Counter for Achilles Tendon Protection


To test whether the heel counter is robust enough, squeeze it from both sides. You know it's there when it doesn't crumple in on itself.


7. Durable


Ensure that your child's boys' school shoes are durable enough to handle all their activities, from walking to their next class to running or playing in the playground. Your child wears this footwear for more than five hours each day, and we want them to be protected before the day is over. Durability is essential for New Zealand's extreme weather.


The boys' school shoes must withstand sunny, rainy, and snowy weather to protect them and prevent accidents. Investing in high-quality footwear can ensure they endure a challenging academic year.


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