Boys' School Shoes That Are Perfect for Both School and the Playground

There are plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces in New Zealand that beckons tourists. This active lifestyle begins in childhood, mainly if parents engage in outdoor activities with their kids. How supportive are their boys' school sneakers for their activities?


The kids bring this active lifestyle even to their learning institutions. So, as we enter another academic year, expect your active child to join activities in his classes and the playground during breaks. 


Consider durability, stability, versatility, affordability, and comfort when you choose a pair for him.


Your son deserves the best, and you can only get them from Spendless New Zealand. We serve as a one-stop shop for all your child's school shoe needs. 


However, narrowing down the choices to one that can help him through the year can be stressful. 


We at Spendless NZ will give you a crash course on shopping for footwear to make the task more bearable.


After reading this, you'll recite footwear characteristics perfect for both class and the playground. 


Spendless NZ School Shoes Boys Love


Let's start with the excellent styles to make your son stand out. The different styles at Spendless NZ will protect them all day and allow them to concentrate on their classes and run around safely in the playground.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


These are the easiest to wear because of the absence of fastenings, ideal for those still learning to strap or buckle their footwear.  All they need to do is slip their feet inside.


The elastic side gussets on these provide maximum comfort.  


Spendless NZ's pull-on boots shield the wearer's feet until their ankles from foreign things that could get caught in their footwear. Their thick soles also offer stability and traction, ideal for the challenging New Zealand weather.


Despite being the easiest to put on, they have one drawback: No fastening secures them. As a result, your son could get hurt if they unintentionally remove them.


Style 2—Double Straps


 These have two touch-fastening straps to keep them in place, ideal for young learners who still need to improve their lace-tying skills. 


Two nylon fabric strips make up these touch-fastening straps: One with tiny, hooked threads, while the other has a rough surface. Squeezing them together will lock them and the shoes in place. 


Your child can rapidly fasten them and adjust the tightness using one hand. Opening them, on the one hand, will require more force and create a distinctive ripping sound. There are limitations to touch-fastening straps that you must know.


  • There's a limit to how often your child can close and open the straps before they lose their adhesion. When they do, you must replace them.
  • The straps regularly pick up lint, dirt, or other stray debris, reducing efficiency.
  • The straps get stuck on various materials and can destroy them. 


Finally, · The noise they produce when separating can be annoying. 


Style 3—Lace-Up


These are perfect for children capable of tying their laces. Laces keep their footwear in place as they participate in activities all day. In addition, they can loosen the laces to increase ventilation on hotter days.


On the one hand, tightening the laces will increase the warmth on colder days.


Parents should ensure the laces have the correct length so their child can avoid tripping..


Style 4—Sneakers


These are perfect for PE, sports, and running in the playground. With several colours available, your child can pick his favourite! Spendless NZ sneakers have soft, cushioned soles that are easy on the feet and absorb shock. 




For your child to thoroughly enjoy participating in activities and staying safe, their school shoes must have fastenings!


There are three kinds available at Spendless NZ: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


The fasteners not only keep the shoes on but also allow the shoes to be adjusted, which is important for their growing feet.


Younger kids choose touch-fastening or buckles because they find them simpler to use.


Older kids prefer shoes with laces because they know how to tie them.




As for the materials, Spendless NZ has vegan-friendly boys' school shoes that are an alternative to leather.


Switching to vegan-friendly footwear is good for the environment and its inhabitants.


New Zealand has unique wildlife, and by protecting the environment, you also take care of the wildlife.


Contrary to leather, which comes from the skin of sheep, goats, and cows, these shoes do not use any animal products.


Moreover, vegan-friendly footwear leaves a smaller carbon footprint, while its weather-resistant material makes it more durable.


Because the weather in New Zealand is so unpredictable, shoes need to be able to stand up to the elements.


At Spendless NZ, our footwear is designed to protect your child from inclement weather, so he can continue participating in




 Spendless NZ carries shoes for boys in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Check out our size guide to determine your child's Spendless NZ size. 


In addition to the main chart for children, two more charts categorise kids by age: pre-walkers/toddlers and juniors/pre-teens.


We advise you to precisely measure each child's feet in the afternoon. 


How your child performs in his classes and during playground time will depend on the fit of his shoes. 


 Colours Other Than Black School Shoes


Several colours are available at Spendless NZ, such as black, blue, brown, orange, pink, purple, and white. Even though most educational institutions prefer black school shoes, you can still check the dress code guidelines to determine whether they allow other colours than black school shoes.


 Grab a Pair of Kids' School Shoes to Make Learning a Memorable Affair!


Invest in a pair that will make your kid's time spent studying and playing fun and memorable, and he'll thank you forever. He'll appreciate the many benefits!


Got an older kid? Resist the urge to buy top brands like Clarks, Roc, and Harrison, and continue shopping for black school shoes.


Also, shop our range of high school shoes for boys today. Visit the Spendless NZ online store or your local store!


You are in the right place if you are looking for a pair of kids' shoes. Browse our range of footwear and accessories designed with comfort, style, and practicality. Note that our size guide can convert EU (cm) to AU sizing so that you can find the perfect fit for your child. 


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