Boys' School Shoes That Can Withstand the Playground

In New Zealand, the beautiful outdoor scenery encourages residents to lead active lifestyles. It is especially true for children whose parents brought them to explore the country's mountains, forests, and coastlines. 

As the new academic year begins, expect these children to spend a lot of time playing in the playground, so they must have durable and comfortable girls' and boys' school shoes. 

Finding school shoes boys can use in active play would be beneficial because they protect kids' feet during active play. 

In addition, playground activities such as running, jumping, and climbing can be hard on shoes, so the footwear must be durable.

More importantly, their shoes should have enough cushioning to protect their growing feet from the impact of these activities. A pair of boys' school shoes from Spendless New Zealand can withstand the playground and provide a more comfortable fit for your child to enjoy playing and other activities without worry. 

The Significance of Getting Good Footwear for Your Child 

There are several reasons why parents need to equip their children with shoes that can withstand the playground.  

1. Protect Their Feet Safe from Natural Elements 

Playing in the playground will expose your child to the natural elements, mainly inclement weather, especially in New Zealand, where the weather is extreme. 

Sunny or rainy, the child must be capable of moving and playing without the risk of slipping or scuffing their knees.

Spendless New Zealand shoes can provide your child with the warmth they need on those cold days. Moreover, the footwear will protect them from getting wet, which can lead to fungus, blisters, and other foot problems.  

2. Provide comfort 

Children need comfortable footwear to move freely in the playground. However, ill-fitting footwear can make it difficult for children to walk or run, increasing their risk of falling and injury.

More importantly, your child can perform better physically with comfortable shoes.

For example, suitable footwear can help with balance and coordination, which are essential for climbing, swinging, and sliding on the playground. When your child participates in activities like these, they will have good overall health.  

Take note, though, that you must provide your kid's footwear with the perfect fit. We have a handy size guide that you can use to convert between US, UK, and EU CM sizes. (Our size range includes baby, toddler, and older mens and womens shoes—use these labels as categories or filters when you browse our website.)

3. Shields Against Foreign Objects and Has Secure Traction 

The presence of foreign objects like rocks, pebbles, or glass in the playground can be hazardous for your child because these can cut, scrape, or puncture wounds while playing. 

Kids' school shoes that protect them from these foreign objects will help them feel more confident playing. In addition, both parent and child will have peace of mind knowing that nothing unnecessary can happen to them with Spendless NZ shoes at their feet.

Moreover, the playground can be dangerous, with many different surfaces that can be wet, slippery, or uneven. 

Boys' school shoes with secure traction provide better grip and stability on these surfaces, preventing children from falling or tripping while playing. 

Spendless NZ Available Styles  

Always check with the learning institution for uniform requirements, so finding out what shoes they allow will be easy. Here are the types available at Spendless NZ:  

Style 1—Lace-Up 

Young lads love roughhousing and running around. As parents, you worry about them, wondering if they are safe when they are not in your sight. With these shoes from Spendless NZ, you won't have to worry about anything. 

Boys' lace-up shoes can handle the playground and keep your child's feet safe from both natural and artificial elements. 

In addition, the style has reinforced toe and heel caps, providing support and protection as they run around the playground. 

More importantly, this footwear uses breathable materials that allow air to circulate and sweat to escape. These prevent the growth of fungi and keep your child's feet fresh while they play!  

Style 2—Double Strap  

The double-strapped boys' shoes have two adjustable touch-fastening straps at the top that secure the footwear. 

These adjustable straps will protect your child as they run and play in the playground by ensuring a perfect fit and preventing the footwear from moving or sliding around the foot.

This footwear has the feel of trainers and the effortless style of academic footwear. Your child will love to wear this footwear in the playground because it's lightweight and flexible, providing them with the comfort and support they need. 

Style 3—Pull-On Boots 

Pull-on ankle boots are footwear that passes uniform requirements. In addition, this footwear is one of the easiest to wear without fastening. 

With the help of the elastic side gussets, your child can comfortably slip their foot in, as if putting on a pair of socks. Speaking of socks, you should add a new set from Spendless NZ!

The soles of pull-on boots have a firm grip and good traction, which makes them suitable for roughhousing in the playground. Your child is safe from accidentally slipping or tripping if they wear these.  

Ways to Prolong the Life of the Footwear 

It's essential to teach your child how to care for their footwear to prolong their life. Here are some easy steps you can do: 

  1. Encourage regular cleaning: Teach your child to clean their footwear after each use, especially if they've been playing in the mud or on a dirty surface.
  2. Proper storage: Help your child develop the habit of keeping their shoes organised and stored correctly by setting up a specific place where they can put them when they get home.
  3. Use protectors: Show your child how to use protectors such as shoe trees or insoles to keep their shoes in good shape.
  4. Teach them the correct way to dry their footwear: Ensure your child knows how to dry them correctly after they get wet and avoid exposing them to direct heat. 

Tell them about the magic of newspapers and their ability to absorb moisture. They hasten the drying process by stuffing them inside the footwear. 

  1. Regularly check for wear and tear: Show your child how to check for signs of wear and tear, such as holes or frayed laces, and how to fix them.

Protect Your Child with the Correct Kids' School Shoes! 

Prevention is better than cure! Head to the Spendless NZ online store or the nearest retailer now! Please do not wait for a playground accident before getting footwear to withstand the playground. 

We also carry styles ideal for kids in high school. Shoes for all ages and many benefits in a huge range of styles—that's what you'll find at Spendless! Older kids might try and talk you into buying them brands that are popular among their friends, but once they have seen our collection, they quickly convert!

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