Boys’ School Shoes that He Can Wear On and Off the Playground!

An active lifestyle starts in childhood, especially if parents take their children on outdoor activities. People from New Zealand are always outdoors, taking walks and joining hikes, which probably started when they were younger and still learning.


It's a cycle that requires foot support from boys' shoes. With around 30 hours a week in learning facilities, your child participates in class activities and plays on the playground. The many benefits of wearing suitable shoes to school are endless.


As parents and guardians, you want to ensure they get the best experience without getting hurt. One way to do that is to ensure their school shoes are up to par! For example, is his footwear supportive of his developing feet?


The top considerations for school shoes boys wear on and off the playground are durability, stability, versatility, affordability, and comfort. Your son deserves the best, and you can get it from Spendless New Zealand. We serve as a one-stop shop for all your child's school shoe needs.


But do you know what else to know when shopping for them?


Different Spendless NZ Styles


You want peace of mind as your child runs around the playground and walks from class to class. You came to the right place, as the school shoes from Spendless New Zealand will protect them as they jump from one activity to another.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


Since there are no fastenings, these are the easiest to put on. They are perfect for kids still learning to buckle or strap their footwear. Then, all they need to do is slip their feet inside. The elastic side gussets on these boys' shoes provide maximum comfort.


New Zealand is known for its extreme weather, which can leave the ground wet and slippery after rain. Thankfully, the thick soles offer stability and traction. The feet are protected from objects tangled in their shoes up to their ankles by pull-on boots from Spendless NZ. 


Style 2—Double Straps


Two touch-fastening straps on these school shoes keep them in place, making them perfect for young students who still need to develop their lace-tying abilities. These touch-fastening straps are made of two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface.


Sealing the boys' shoes in place is doable with one hand only by squeezing the nylon strips together. It provides adjustability that allows your child to loosen or tighten the fit. However, there are some limitations to this fastening that you must know:


  • There's a limit to how often your child can close and open the straps before they lose their adhesion. When they do, you must replace their shoes.
  • The straps regularly pick up lint, dirt, or other stray debris, reducing efficiency. However, you can use household items like tweezers and duct tape to remove the dirt.
  • The straps get stuck on various materials and can destroy them.
  • The noise they produce when separating can be annoying.


Style 3—Lace-Up


These school shoes are perfect for older children capable of tying their laces. Laces are the only fasteners independent of the footwear, allowing for cleaning and replacement.


This fastener keeps the boys' shoes in place during their activities on and off the playground. Parents should ensure that the laces have the correct length so their children can avoid tripping on their shoes. Before you check out, add an extra pair of laces to your Spendless New Zealand cart!


Style 4—Sneakers


These school shoes are ideal for running around the playground, playing sports, and participating in physical education. Spendless NZ sneakers have impact-absorbing padded soles. Using our handy size guide, find the perfect fit for his tootsies. It is important to note that if you know the EU (cm) size, you can convert it to the US size.


Additional Things to Look For


We at Spendless NZ will give you a crash course on shopping for shoes to make the task more bearable. After reading this, you'll recite footwear characteristics perfect for the playground and beyond!




As for materials, consider our vegan-friendly shoes at Spendless NZ as an alternative to the usual leather. Switching to vegan-friendly footwear is good for the environment and its inhabitants.


The production of these shoes did not use any animal, contrary to leather that came from the skin of sheep, goats, and cows. Moreover, vegan-friendly footwear leaves less carbon footprint, while its weather-resistant material makes it more durable.


New Zealand has unique wildlife, and by protecting the environment, you also take care of the wildlife. Moreover, weather resistance is a critical characteristic of shoes in New Zealand because of the country's erratic weather.


At Spendless NZ, we want to protect your child from inclement weather, so he can continue participating in activities on and off the playground safely.




A huge range of colours are available at Spendless NZ, such as black, blue, brown, orange, pink, and white—surely your child would love to collect them all! Of course, even though most educational institutions like black, you can still check the dress code guidelines to determine whether they permit other colours.




For your child to thoroughly enjoy participating in activities on and off the playground, their footwear must have fastenings! The two kinds available for school at Spendless New Zealand are touch-fastening straps and laces.


In addition to holding the footwear in place, fastenings help with the adjustability of the footwear, which is essential for their quickly developing feet. Younger kids choose touch-fastening because they find it simpler to use. Older kids prefer lace-ups because they know how to tie them.


Have Peace of Mind with Spendless NZ Footwear!


There's nothing like a good pair of kids' school shoes (also high school shoes!) from Spendless New Zealand to give you peace of mind as your child participates in activities on and off the playground! There is also no need to spend much on expensive brands like Harrison, Clarks, Roc, etc.


Shop the easy way and browse the Spendless NZ online store. First, you can use the listed categories (mens, womens, boys, girls, all ages, in fact - baby, toddler, etc.) to sort out your choices. Then, you can use filters such as prices, styles, sizes, colours, etc., to further narrow your selection.


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