Boys' School Shoes That Simply Can't Be Beaten

Is your son such an active boy that you buy boys' school shoes almost weekly? Among other essential features, durability is critical in academic footwear, especially for energetic and playful young guys. You've been searching far and wide for a brand that can provide school shoes able to withstand the wear and tear of a dynamic kid and the harsh natural elements of New Zealand.


There is no need to look far, as Spendless New Zealand has the solution for your woes. They are durable, and you will only replace the shoes when your son goes through a growth spurt and needs immediate replacement. Yes, never let your child wear ill-fitting footwear, as it may hurt them and cause blisters and foot deformities, which they can take into adulthood.


With the help of the team from Spendless NZ, discover why the brand's boys' school shoes remain unbeaten in the academic footwear department. Parents return every time they need a new pair. If you're ready, let's start!


1. Spendless NZ uses durable materials.


As mentioned, young and energetic children need academic footwear that will not give up on them in gameplay or classroom activities. Can you imagine the horror of the footwear breaking while they are chasing classmates around the playground? No parent wants to receive an emergency call about an accident.


At Spendless NZ, the boys' school shoes use leather and vegan-friendly materials. Both offer your child's protection to get through a challenging day. Leather is a robust material that will keep the academic shoes from breaking. It's breathable and insulated, ideal for the erratic weather in the country. New Zealand can be sunny in the morning but wet in the afternoon. With leather academic shoes, your child can have sweat-free feet on warm mornings and be protected from the cold when temperatures dip.


Meanwhile, vegan-friendly materials offer the same level of protection without harming animals in production. These footwear are cruelty-free and leave a minimal carbon footprint. Teaching your kids about sustainability early by explaining the benefits of vegan-friendly footwear is good practice.


2. Spendless NZ uses adjustable fastenings.


Closure or fastening is critical for active children because it keeps the school shoes securely in place. We want to avoid academic footwear flying off accidentally because it can cause them to trip and hurt themselves. Not to mention, fastenings provide adjustability essential to keep your child comfortable. With these, your child can tighten the footwear as needed.


Spendless NZ uses two fastenings: touch-fastening straps and laces.


  • Touch-fastening straps are ideal for your early starter son because of how easily locking two nylon strips is; your child will press them together. Immediately after closing their academic footwear, your child can run off and continue playing with friends. However, one disadvantage of this fastening is the distinctive noise it creates when opened because it can distract classmates. Moreover, the adhesion of the straps wears out after several uses, so you must buy your child new school shoes.

  • Laces are more appropriate for slightly older students who can independently tie their footwear. And speaking of independence, laces are the only fastening detached from the footwear, which means you can clean and replace them separately. For this to work, your child must weave the laces through the eyelets on the shoes and tie them. How they put them through and adjust the laces can affect the fit. However, one disadvantage of laces is the possibility of getting undone, which can cause an accident.


3. Spendless NZ ensures grip and traction.


Knowing how dynamic young guys can be, Spendless NZ ensures the boys' school shoes have gripped soles to keep them steady and stable. Your son will encounter different surfaces and floors, some wet and slippery while others are soft, cakey, or muddy. With the help of boys' school shoes, your child can remain standing and steady through different textures.


With erratic weather changes, your child will walk on slippery pathways and sidewalks on their way home. But with the boys' school shoes from Spendless NZ, parents can sleep better at night, comforted that their child is wearing footwear with grip and traction. Broken bones are not a joke and can be costly and painful. 


4. Spendless NZ has stylish designs.


Some parents may think their children are too young to care about how their things look, but you'll be surprised how this can affect their self-esteem. Not wearing the peer-accepted boys' school shoes can cause lower confidence and ability to interact with classmates. Avoid this dilemma by shopping at Spendless NZ.


The brand has excellent academic shoes that every child likes. Whether they wear pull-on boots, double straps, or laced footwear for regular classroom and playground activities or choose sneakers and trainers for sports and PE classes, your child can feel confident and accepted.


Please remember to take your child shopping with you. Get their feedback and input on which footwear they want. Having them there will allow them to try the footwear and check if it fits right. Let them walk around and voice out their comments, then base your final choice on that. It's best to schedule your shopping trip in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size to account for the growth.


5. Spendless NZ has affordable options.


Do you need a pair of sneakers for your son that is durable, comfortable and affordable? Spendless NZ has a huge range when it comes to shoes. After entering details about your son's feet, the site will display the best brands in the size range you pick.


Academic expenses can be a cause of worry for parents. Some think only expensive school shoes can provide all the features mentioned earlier. But with Spendless NZ, you get quality footwear at reasonable prices. More importantly, the brand's flexible payment systems allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. Because of this, you get to allocate funds to other academic needs.


Subscribers will also be the first to know about the latest releases and exclusive discounts on selected styles. With all the available payment methods and the streamlined checkout process, getting a new pair of school shoes has never been simpler. You'll receive updates about our latest offers and discounted products, among the many benefits of being a member.


Give Your Child the Best Kids' School Shoes, Get Them Spendless NZ!


Head to the nearest retailer or online store and add socks and laces before checking out!