Boys' School Shoes That Won't Break the School Budget

The start of every academic term is something parents must prepare for beforehand. Budget is the leading concern because there's a list of things to buy for your child's learning experience. At the top of the list is a pair of boys' school shoes. Academic footwear is essential to your child's classroom and playground experience. Parents want their children to perform well, and one way to achieve that is by giving them a pair of comfortable and supportive academic shoes, which will enable them to be more active and participative.

However, because footwear is not the only expense related to academics, parents must ensure they stay within the budget. Their critical question is where to get premium-quality yet affordable options. Only one reputable brand comes to mind: Spendless New Zealand!

Spendless NZ boys' school shoes are unlike any others. Discover what they are like and the price ranges they belong to, so you can plan your shopping trip well. Let's start!


Spendless NZ Collection


Learn about the brand's collection through the four affordable price ranges. The brand commits to giving parents and students access to premium boys' school shoes that do not cost an arm and a leg. This way, there's a budget left for other academic needs.

While it's tempting to purchase second-hand or used shoes, thinking they are more affordable, not knowing the foot health of the previous owner can be risky. We want to prevent your child from getting unnecessary infections, which can be costly in the long run. Why risk it when your child can have brand-new academic shoes that can rival designer brands at a fraction of their cost?

Besides, Spendless NZ has flexible payment systems that enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. The brand makes it easy for parents to stay within their academic budget. 


1. $20 - $30 


The lowest price bracket has trainers as a choice. Your child needs sneakers as a second pair of boys' school shoes for their more strenuous PE classes and sports activities. While the regular options at Spendless NZ provide ultimate protection, comfort, and support, sneakers have features that make jumping, running, and rough movements safer for your child. These academic shoes have touch-fastening straps for security, mesh material for breathability, grooved soles for traction, and bursts of bright colours for style. 


2. $30 - $40


The second price range also offers other sneaker options in black or white colours. Like the first batch, these shoes feature grooved soles for traction and breathable materials for a well-ventilated, sweat-free experience. The difference with this set is the lace fastening, which is more appropriate for older students skilled with tying their laces. 

A lace-up pair of regular boys' school shoes is also available in this range. It's a dress shoe with an elongated square toe that provides a spacious toe box. These academic shoes are also ideal for formal events, with their stitched detailing and classic design.

You should get your child a pair of closed-toe sandals, ideal for spring and summer play dates. These half-enclosed shoes are perfect for playing and hanging out with peers outdoors.


3. $40 - $50


Two leather options are available in this price range. Boys' school shoes made of leather are durable. You can rely on this footwear to support your child through inclement weather and natural elements. More importantly, we know how active and boisterous young guys can get, and with Spendless NZ's leather school shoes, you can guarantee they are up to the task.

Double straps are the first boys' academic shoes in this price range. They have two touch-fastening straps for security and adjustability. Young children prefer this closure because it is effortless to wear and remove. Other benefits of choosing this footwear include a rounded-toe design for a spacious toe box that boosts your child's balance and stability and treaded soles for traction so your son can play on wet, soft, or uneven surfaces without worrying about falling or slipping.

Lace-ups are the second kind of boys' school shoes in this price range. Like the double strap option, the lace-up has round toes and gripped soles; their only difference is the lace fastening, which provides a more customisable fit. If your child can tie their laces independently, they can maximise these footwear and adjust the fit when needed. 


4. $50+


The priciest collection from Spendless NZ's affordable ranges includes double straps, lace-ups, and pull-on boot options. We've mentioned the features of the first two kinds of boys' school shoes and how they can make learning better for your child.

Pull-on boots are unlike the other options because they don't have fastenings. With the help of pull tabs, your child can pull the shoes on and be ready within seconds. But don't worry because there are elastic side gussets, which act as fastenings, expanding to accommodate any foot shape and reverting for a snug fit. Plus, the boots are in demand during the colder months because they provide more warmth and coverage.


Caring for Academic Footwear


While we can guarantee that Spendless NZ boys' school shoes can withstand several things and give you value for your money, teaching your son some steps to preserve them will help keep them around longer. Teach them these easy tips:

  • Wipe the footwear after every use. It prevents dirt from caking and destroying the material.
  • When the shoes are wet from inclement weather exposure, dry them before storing them. Please do not expose them to heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Leave the footwear to dry naturally, or add scrunched newspapers to hasten the drying process.
  • Never leave the footwear lying around where dust can settle on it. Keep the academic shoes inside a shoe closet, rack, or bag.


Spendless NZ Kids School Shoes is Academic Budget Friendly! 


Your child's footwear will be comfortable and stylish throughout their school years with our huge range of footwear from our best brands. Your child's new school shoes can be quickly found with the help of our clear filters and quick view option by entering details about your child's feet. Use our size range as a reference when you shop for shoes for your little one.

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