Boys' School Shoes That Won't Cost an Arm and a Leg!

Parents are in a frenzy at the start of every academic term, fulfilling all their child's needs and requirements. They must purchase a bag, notebooks, pens, and paper. In addition, parents must also buy uniform requirements like socks and boys' school shoes, which all cost money. But even then, parents must find excellent ones because the child's performance depends on their comfort level. They can get distracted quickly, and we don't want them hurt, so searching for academic shoes usually takes time.

Time is not something most parents have, especially if they have other responsibilities. Work, house chores, and all other stuff that requires attention can add more things to parents' plates, so we understand the need to make shopping for academic footwear easy. Thankfully, there's one reliable brand you can turn to for your son's school shoe needs.

Spendless New Zealand is the expert on school shoes. The brand knows footwear like the back of its hand and has curated a collection that ticks all the necessary features to ensure your child's safety, comfort, and well-being. More importantly, Spendless NZ boys' school shoes are affordable, a big plus for parents concerned with their budget. You can choose which works with five price ranges that won't cost the earth. Let's look at each range and find suitable options!


Spendless NZ Collection

The Spendless NZ boys' school shoes come in five affordable price ranges. The brand aims to provide parents with premium options within their budget. This way, parents don't have to get second-hand school shoes, which may be costly in the long run.

Parents get hand-me-downs because the price is lower compared to brand-new ones. However, you need to find out the history of the previous owner. The footwear might already have fungi or bacterial buildup, which your child can get once he uses them. Treatment to address the infection may be more costly than buying a brand-new pair from Spendless NZ, so please think twice before choosing second-hand.

Besides, Spendless NZ has flexible payment systems that enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. This way, payments won't weigh heavily on the budget, leaving you money for other expenses. Let's look at the different price ranges.


1. $0–$20

A pair of trainers is your sole choice in the first price range. Students usually need a second pair of boys' school shoes for more strenuous PE and sports activities. These activities require footwear that can support a lot of jumping, running, and rough movements. With two touch-fastening straps for security, mesh material for ventilation, grooved soles for traction, and bursts of bright colours for some fun, your child will stay protected and comfortable.


2. $20–$30

The second price range also offers other sneaker options. These boys' school shoes are available in blue, an excellent colour to wear when playing. Also equipped with features like grooved soles for traction, fastenings for security and adjustability, and breathable materials to keep their feet fresh all day, you can worry less knowing your child remains steady and safe.


3. $30–$40

The $30-$40 range has black, brown, and white boys' school shoes. The non-black options are mainly sneakers and closed-toe sandals, ideal for spring and summer play dates. Socialisation is an integral part of your child's development, and these half-enclosed school shoes are perfect for playing and hanging out with peers outdoors.

Meanwhile, there's a pair of square-toed boys' school shoes ideal for older students. It's a sophisticated dress shoe perfect for special occasions and formal events. Your child can also use these versatile school shoes in the classroom as they comply with uniform requirements.


4. $40–$50

This price range includes two kinds of academic footwear made from leather. Leather is an excellent material that comes from animals. Because producing leather school shoes has more processes, they are more expensive than vegan options. However, the Spendless NZ collection is still within an affordable range, considering the quality of the footwear. Our materials are durable and can withstand wear and tear and the natural elements. New Zealand's erratic weather can impact footwear, so getting ones that don't break quickly is excellent.

Double-straps are the first academic footwear in this price range. They have two touch-fastening straps for security and adjustability. These closures are easy to use, which your child can master within minutes. Your child can secure the footwear by pressing the strips together. This option also has a rounded-toe design, which is excellent for balance and stability. The gripped soles provide traction so your child can safely hurry to their next class or play in the playground.

Lace-ups are the second kind of school shoe in this price range. It has similar features to the double straps, like the round toes and gripped soles. However, their difference lies in the fastening. Lace-ups use laces for a customisable fit. These shoes require your child to know how to tie laces independently. How they weave and tie the laces will affect the fit of the footwear. While these shoes have more adjustability, they can come undone and come off accidentally if your child doesn't tie the laces tightly.


5. $50+

The Spendless NZ $50+ range has lace-ups and pull-on boots options. As mentioned, lace-up boys' school shoes provide a secure and customisable fit because of the laces. These options also have round-toe shapes and grooved soles for your child's comfort and safety.

Pull-on boots are unlike other kinds of academic shoes because they don't have fastenings. With the help of pull tabs, your child can pull the boots on and be ready within seconds. But don't worry because there are elastic side gussets, which act as fastenings, expanding to accommodate any foot shape and reverting for a snug fit.


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