Boys' School Shoes That Won't Cost the Earth!

It's the time of year when parents and guardians scramble to get everything their child needs for class. Some items on the shopping list include a bag, notebook, pen, and school shoes boys can enjoy!


Depending on your child's needs, the list can be longer, but to be practical, we need items that won't blow the budget. Lucky for you, the school shoes at Spendless New Zealand won't cost the earth.


At an affordable price, your child can have school shoes that are comfortable, durable, and supportive. Where else can you find such a good deal?


Moreover, all three styles available at Spendless New Zealand, such as pull-on boots, double straps, and lace-ups, conform to uniform dress code requirements. So, to make it easier to find the best shoes for your child that won't cost the earth, our team at Spendless NZ will break down each style. Read on to learn more!


 Style 1—Pull-On Boots


People say you can experience all four seasons in one day in New Zealand, known for its extreme weather. So, the best affordable school shoes during the colder seasons are pull-on boots.


These shoes provide coverage until the ankles, giving your child the warmth and support he needs to get through the day. Getting sick with the flu because they have cold feet will cost more than this pair, so you better buy him one!


The thick soles provide traction and stability, allowing them to play and run around the playground, even on wet days. However, you don't want your child to come home with scuffed knees and elbows.


Wearing these is easy, as the name suggests, and the elastic side gussets stretch when your son slides his feet in to accommodate them.


Style 2—Double Straps


We recommend the double straps if you're searching for a pair to give you more bang for your buck. This type of shoe has the comfort and flexibility of trainers and the look of classic shoes.


These two touch-fastening straps keep the footwear securely in place, so your child can walk and run worry-free. Each strap has two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, which seal together when pressed.


The straps can be changed, so your child can tighten or loosen their shoes as they need to. A reminder, though, that to open the shoes, your child would need force. Once he pulls the straps apart, there will be a distinctive sound.


Style 3—Lace-Up


Spendless New Zealand's lace-up school shoes are a budget-friendly style perfect for older lads who can tie their laces independently. In addition, it is the only style with a fastener you can separate from the footwear.


You can clean and replace the laces without affecting the shoes. Isn't that ideal?


Check the length of the laces to ensure your son won't trip on their footwear. If you need an extra pair of laces, get one from Spendless New Zealand.


Extra Shopping Reminders 


1. Always Buy a New Pair


While saving money by getting hand-me-downs is tempting, please don't because sharing footwear may be more costly. In addition, if the previous owner had fungi, like athlete's foot, your child could get it, and you would have to pay for treatment.


There is also no guarantee that the school shoes will offer the same level of comfort to both users because all children's feet are different. In addition, the footwear can be uncomfortable and damaging to your son's feet because it follows the shape of the previous owner's feet.


 2. Always Bring Your Child with You


Take your child shopping with you so they can immediately check the fit and comfort. Then, they can walk around the store and give immediate feedback.


Allowing them to select and voice their preferences for school shoes will demonstrate that you trust their judgement. It will boost their confidence and independence and encourage them to be more responsible and careful with their footwear.


More importantly, professionals at the store can take their measurements accurately if they are present.


3. Always Test KIds School Shoes Before Your Child Does


Once you've chosen which shoes to buy, test the heel by pressing on both sides of the heel counter. It shouldn't break under pressure.


Next, turn the shoes using your hands to check if they will bend with your child's toes. It should be flexible.


And finally, twist the centre of the footwear. Shoes must be flexible and should always turn in that area.


4. Always Shop Later in the Day


Your child's feet are at their largest size later in the day after swelling from all their activities—walking, standing, and running, among others. Purchase shoes while their feet are at their largest size. This ensures you consider the growth.


Additionally, bring the socks they'll be wearing with the footwear when you go shopping so they can have a natural feel for what they'll be wearing in class.


Note that the international conversion chart in our handy size guide will help you convert your EU (cm) size.


5. Always Purchase Footwear Tthat Doesn't Need Breaking In


Boys' shoes must be comfortable at the start. In addition, your child must be able to use the footwear right out of the box, unlike some adult footwear like high school shoes that require break-in and practise to loosen.


Footwear that is both comfortable and affordable!


Spendless New Zealand's boys' school shoes aren't too expensive, and you can pay for them in different ways. You can purchase the pair now and pay for them later.


Unlike other brands, our shoes are made to be comfortable, supportive, durable, and affordable. This will make sure that your son has the best academic experience possible.


Head to the Spendless New Zealand online shop. Browse our broad categories: mens, womens, boys, girls, toddler, and baby! You can also use the price, size, and colour filters to narrow your choices.


You'll get updates on new styles and online-only deals, and your first purchase will be 10% off. So join now and enjoy the benefits!


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