Buckles or Laces? Which Is Best for Your Daughter?

Which type of girls’ school shoes would work best for your daughter? Here at Spendless, we have heaps of different designs for students. Our girls’ school shoes come in touch-fastening, buckled, and lace-up versions. Finding the perfect pick for students is no struggle when you shop at Spendless! So, who’s ready to sort through our styles and find the ideal match for their kid? Let’s get started!


How old is your daughter? 


The age of your child will be one of the deciding factors for which girls’ school shoes you buy for her. Are you shopping for a little kid, a preteen, or a young adult? Here at Spendless, we have girls’ school shoes with different fastenings because some are more age-appropriate than others. 

Touch-fastening footwear is the go-to pick for younger children, as these tabs are easy for kids to stick down and pull up without assistance. In the unlikely event that your girls’ school shoes come undone during the day, your young daughter can fix them back into place without needing help. 

Buckled styles are slightly trickier for little students to fasten, but they’re still straightforward. It shouldn’t take long for your daughter to figure out how to do-up girls’ school shoes with buckled straps, and they fit on fast too! 

Finally, Spendless has lace-up footwear for students. Typically, these get seen as the most grown-up girls’ school shoes, and most students make the switch over to them while they’re still preteens. Adjusting your child’s pair to their perfect comfort is no struggle, thanks to their effortlessly alterable laces. 


Our diverse designs come in a range of different sizes!


While our touch-fastening and buckled girls’ school shoes tend to run on the smaller side, each of our designs has a decent size range. Our touch-fastening styles can be as large as a Preteen size 6, which is the top of our kids’ collection. And, vice versa, our laced girls’ school shoes also come in tinier sizes despite being a favourite with older students and come in pairs as small as a size 9 for Toddlers.

These are an easy pick for parents with children who are growing rapidly or slowly— there’s truly something for everyone at Spendless! You won’t need to rush a fast-growing child into laced girls’ school shoes or keep preteens with small feet in touch-fastening footwear. 


Sneakers and trainers come with laces or touch-fastening straps!


You won’t find any buckled girls’ school shoes in our sports section, but we think the two variations that we have work beautifully. Like our classic classroom styles, sneakers and trainers with these different fastenings run with a smaller or larger size range.

The littlest active footwear in our collection has one or two touch-fastening tabs, while bigger girls’ school shoes get laces. So, you can always find what you need in our selection of activewear.


Mary-Jane sandals are either touch-fastening or buckled styles! 


As before, these trendy girls’ school shoes come in two main variations. They have the same stylish aesthetic (whether they have buckles or not) since they have the same shape. Get the buckled version for your daughter, and she’ll get to enjoy girls’ school shoes with lovely laser-cut detailing across the top (and a fashionable feel!).

Take home Mary-Jane sandals with touch-fastening tabs, and your child will get to wear a sophisticated pair with a smooth, glossy material. Whichever ones you choose, we’re sure that your daughter will like wearing these trendy girls’ school shoes!


Do you know which girls’ school shoes to get now? 

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