Built for Comfort and Speed… These Men’s Sneakers Are Ideal!

Are you looking for a pair of men’s sneakers that can keep up with your lifestyle? Is your day filled with activities that require you to do strenuous workouts and exercises? If you answered yes to any or both questions, we have a collection of men’s sneakers perfect for you.

At Spendless New Zealand, we understand the need to be fit and healthy. While it takes hard work and dedication to achieve your workout goals, some things, such as shoes built for comfort and speed, can make the task easy. Your exercises will require strenuous activities that can lead to injuries without proper footwear. And since we want to avoid that, you must consider getting a pair of Spendless NZ men’s sneakers up for the task.

The brand has provided shoes to countless guys in New Zealand, ensuring they get the comfort, support, and protection they need daily. Spendless NZ has three kinds of men’s sneakers in its collection. These are trainers, skate/casual, and sports-specific. However, only one of them can fulfil the task of supporting you through demanding exercises. The brand’s trainers will ensure you get the most out of your workouts and keep you safe from injuries while you do. Discover more about these shoes with the help of the Spendless NZ team. Let’s start!


What are trainers?


It’s time to put your health and workout goals to fruition with the help of Spendless NZ’s men’s sneakers. The brand’s collection of trainers will provide the comfort and support you will need as you work through your fitness goals. Likely, most of your exercises require running, jumping, squatting, cutting, breaking, and making multidirectional movements. Without the proper footwear, these activities can cause injuries and discomfort. Moreover, inadequate support will lower performance, preventing you from exercising correctly and achieving your health goals.

But with our men’s runners, expect to smash all your workouts and boot camps safely and effortlessly. So why risk it when there’s an excellent collection of trainers at Spendless NZ that can boost your performance?


What can trainers do?


Think of trainers as your all-in-one gym shoes. They are excellent for high-intensity gym classes and outdoor boot camps because they can provide cushioning for high-impact and running training. Lift your weights easily with the help of these men’s sneakers, as they give the heel support necessary so that you can go lower in squats and then stand up. Besides these, your all-around trainers have grooves and outsole patterns ideal for agility training, where you need traction to keep you stable while doing plyometric and multidirectional movements. And when you need to cool down with short distances on a treadmill, expect these shoes to provide you with what you need.


The Spendless NZ Collection


After learning how essential a pair of trainers is to achieving your physical fitness goals, let’s discover the men’s sneakers collection that can provide you with the best support and comfort.


Season Styles


You can choose from slip-on or lace-up trainers. While both have features that make your workout more comfortable, this footwear offers benefits that are uniquely theirs. For instance, slip-on trainers make wearing them a breeze. By sliding your feet inside, you’re ready to hit the gym within seconds.

On the one hand, lace-up men’s sneakers provide a customisable fit. This feature is essential when things are getting intense. You’d like to loosen the fit at some point, which is possible by adjusting your laces. Moreover, your shoes must not come off accidentally while exercising because they can hurt you and cause an injury. The laces secure your footwear, so they stay there even when you jump, lift stuff, or move in various directions.

Both kinds of Spendless NZ trainers have features that ensure you remain safe throughout your gym session. Cushioned soles provide the men’s sneakers with shock absorption so your feet won’t feel the strain from too much jumping and intense movements. Without it, the impact of the force can hurt you. Meanwhile, the mesh material keeps your feet fresh and sweat-free. A key feature of Spendless NZ’s men’s sneakers is breathability, because we want you to feel comfortable while doing sweat-inducing activities. More importantly, the thick and grooved soles of the men’s runners keep you steady. Traction is essential so you won’t slip or fall while working out.




The Spendless NZ collection of trainers is available in five easy-to-match colours: black, blue, brown, grey, and white. While colours and aesthetics do not directly impact your performance at the gym, both can influence mood and motivation. There’s something about wearing men’s sneakers in your favourite colours that pushes you to maximise their use and work out more. Plus, when you know that your men’s sneakers look good and match your athletic wear perfectly, a boost in self-confidence excites you to attend the gym. The correct men’s sneakers will bring you benefits beyond the physical.




Your men’s sneakers must have the right fit to ensure you remain comfortable through a rigorous workout. The first step to ensuring a good fit is determining the correct shoe size, including the length and width of each foot and your socks. Please note that your feet swell at the end of each day from all the movements, so consider all these when determining the size of your runners. So, can you imagine how enlarged they will be after your workout?

At Spendless NZ, we have a range of sizes that cover everyone. You can find the most comfortable footwear to support your healthy lifestyle. With sizes 6–14, you can find an option that fits you perfectly. However, knowing your Spendless NZ size is vital as shoe brands vary. Conversion is easy with our handy size guide if you know your size in the US, UK, or EU system.


Boost Your Workouts with Spendless NZ Mens' Sneakers!


You may expect significant savings when you shop at Spendless NZ, among many other perks. Our running shoes can match popular brands like Nike, Adidas Originals, Puma, Converse All-Star, Asics, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Adidas Men's Sneakers at significantly lower prices without compromising their quality and durability.

Spendless NZ has men’s sneakers built for comfort and speed that you can maximise at the gym. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now!