Buying wedding or formal shoes for kids

Affordable formal shoes for your kids

So, do you have a special event coming up? An occasion where the whole family has to look their best? Then it is probably time you went shopping for formal shoes. At Spendless, we have the best formal shoes for kids. Don't let yourself get fooled into to spending a fortune on a pair that your kids will outgrow before they have the chance to wear them again. Spendless has gorgeous, affordable formal shoes for your kids so that you can rid yourself of some of the pre-event stress. Now, let's get to it!


Many of our formal shoes come with zips, straps, or velcro tabs to help keep them secure on your child's feet. There is nothing worse than going to all the trouble of buying a pair of formal shoes, only to have them continually slipping or falling off. Our children's styles are also complementary to our adult ones— if the bridal party decides on a particular look, Spendless can make sure the flower girls match the bridesmaids, and the ring-bearers match the groomsmen.


Whether your daughter will be the tiniest bridesmaid, the flower girl, or another face in the crowd, Spendless has the perfect formal shoes for her. The blanket "girls" category covers infants to young adults, so sizing for big or little feet should be no problem. We have adorable kitten heels for older girls and decorated ballet flats for the younger ones. Silver is a classic colour for formal shoes, meaning you will see a dozen styles with either silver finishes or diamante trimming. We also carry gold, black, and white styles.


Formal shoes for boys tend to be either black or tan. These are classic, high-shine styles. Depending on their age and ability to tie laces, you can choose between velcro, laced, or slip-on styles. We have formal shoes that resemble school ones, look-alikes to our adult dress range, and a few dress boots. Boots are an excellent choice for a wintery or dressy event, as they are comfortable, provide more cover for feet, and can easily get worn again. Any of these formal shoes would look great with a little matching suit, too.

First Walkers

First Walkers are as they sound— the smallest styles at Spendless for our smallest customers. These formal shoes are kind on developing feet and designed to be lightweight and flexible. You will find a handful of pairs in this category that cater to babies and toddlers. These soft formal shoes will look lovely on your kids. The selection is a mix of booties, slip-on, sandals, and sneakers. Most kids this age can get away with less formal shoes, but we have sweet, decorative for weddings and the like.


Having trouble figuring what size of formal shoes your children should be wearing? Buying online can make it tricky to guess sizes, but at Spendless, we take the guessing out of it. You can find our handy size chart near the descriptions, or at the bottom of the website. We have details for children, toddlers, and juniors, as well as comparisons between Spendless, UK, US and EU sizes. You'll find the perfect formal shoes in no time!

In summary

Trying to find formal shoes for your kids might feel like an exercise in patience, but it doesn't have to. Spendless is here to take the stress out of buying formal shoes. Plus, once the little ones have been sorted out, you can focus on the hardest and most important part of the process— getting yourself ready! Browse our styles today to find the best formal shoes for your kids. Get the look for less at Spendless.