Casual Shoes For The Modern Wellington Man!


Slow down and enjoy yourself this summer with men’s casual shoes. We’re heading towards the holiday season (and the weeks of sunshine that surround it) quickly now, and if you aren’t prepared for the weather shift now, then you had better be soon! With this in mind, we’re going to explore some of our top men’s casual shoes. Let Spendless guide you into summer with the trendiest style around! Our sandals, trainers, and other men’s casual shoes will help complete your collection. Today, we’re on a quest to get every Wellington local looking their best, and if you want to be one of them, then keep on reading!


Do you own any loafers?


Loafer-style men’s casual shoes are a modern spin on classic formal footwear. If you’re tired of wearing the same suit-worthy pair to every event of the year, then you’ll appreciate the differences embodied by our loafers. These men’s casual shoes come with woven detailing across the sides and top, creating a point of difference between conventional styles and loafers. Since they have a partially-open style and you can wear your pair without socks, it’s no struggle to have them on your feet during a boiling hot day. In the modern and trendy environment of Wellington, woven-look men’s casual shoes will fit right in!


Boots maintain their popularity in summer!


Men’s casual shoes like peak during autumn and winter, so you might be surprised to realise how frequently people wear them in the warmer months. However, a relaxed and modern set of boots can be the perfect men’s casual shoes for outdoor events like music festival and parties. The extra coverage and protection for your feet is the main appeal of these men’s casual shoes, but we know you’ll love the different designs too. Boots are the sensible and trendy choice for a summer spent outdoors in Wellington.


Who could say no to sneakers and trainers? 


Active men’s casual shoes are perfect for guys who are always on-the-go and need footwear that can keep up with them. If you want styles that are for anything the day brings, then we can’t recommend trainers and sporty men’s casual shoes enough! For the Wellington local who morning runs, visiting the gym, and keeping fit, we advise sneakers without proper tread. For guys who want a pair of men’s casual shoes that they can wear from dawn until dusk (or out to party), we offer our slim trainers.


What about some boat-style men’s casual shoes? 


This look combines the easy comfort of trainers with their unique style. Get a pair of these, and you can use them as a go-to everyday style, and keep them by the door. The stitched detailing on these men’s casual shoes and the smooth material gives them a distinctive design. This season, we also have a variation with hole-punched detailing. We love seeing boat styles paired with simple clothing combinations, such as shorts and t-shirts. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t dress your pair up for events too! As such, we’re sure that any Wellington local could get their fair share of wear out of loafer-style men’s casual shoes.


Have we inspired your next shopping trip? 


Finding men’s casual shoes is oh-so-easy at Spendless. We've talked about a handful of styles today, but there are dozens of other ones we've yet to mention. So, if you want to find a great pair this year, then it’s time that you visited us online! Our express shipping will get your next purchase home to you fast. Stop making excuses and start having fun instead. Get your men’s casual shoes at Spendless!