Casual Shoes for Women That are Perfect for the Office

Do you look at your wardrobe and think, 'I need to change things up?'. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place. Our women's casual shoe range is the perfect set of kicks for you to invest in. You will never go wrong with a pair of these women's casual shoes in your life. 


You can give your wardrobe an upgrade and instantly level up your look with these kicks. There is no better feeling than hitting the refresh button on your wardrobe and investing in some new kicks. Our women's casual footwear is perfect for the office and your everyday activities. Trust us, every girl in New Zealand will want to know where you got your new set of kicks from! 


Spendless Shoes New Zealand is the perfect place if you need a new pair of women's shoes. Take a scroll below to discover your next pair of women's casual kicks! 


Style 1 – Boots


Are you looking for the ultimate style of women's footwear to wear? If you are nodding yes, then look no further. We have brought to you the perfect type of footwear for you to wear


That is right; we are talking about boots! These women's casual footwear is a must-have style for every female. Boots are a popular style of women's casual footwear during the cooler months, but they are fun to wear during warm months. Boots come in various designs and colours, so there is plenty of room for choice with these women's casual footwear. 


The best part about a pair of boots is that you have the freedom to style these with any outfit you like. So no matter the colour, length, or height of your jeans, you can always be sure that they will look great with your boots. This jeans outfit will have you feeling like a boss all day long. So make this your first purchase if you haven't made one already, or continue shopping with us!


Style 2 – Block Heels


Block heels are the ultimate go-to women's casual kicks for office and everyday attire. Block heels are a popular footwear design in the fashion world, and we love every second of them. However, for those who enjoy wearing heels to work but hate the pain, you will now be pain-free in these block heels. 


These women's casual kicks can be styled in a laidback fashion or dressed up for a more formal setting. This look works wonders for a day in the office, especially if you have back-to-back meetings and need a pair of heels that are sophisticated and chic. Block heels will become your new go-to type of women's casual kicks because they are super comfortable and can turn every outfit up a notch. 


These women's square-toe shoes are great for Friday office attire so that you can go straight from the office to cocktails. Fill in your shopping bag with these pumps, and you will never regret this purchase.


Style 3 – Mini Wedges


Do you love to wear high heels but hate the aches you experience after wearing them? If you are nodding your head yes to both of these questions, you are in the right place. We have the perfect set of women's shoes that can cure this problem. You'll be able to work correctly with these pumps on your feet.


That's right; we are talking about our range of mini wedges. These types of footwear can ensure you look stylish and comfortable during any event. For example, a pair of mini wedge heels are perfect for daytime events and laidback dinners. The base of these women's shoes offers a thick and supportive sole with two straps to keep your feet secure and safe all day long. 


We are obsessed with this women's casual shoe style, and we know you will be too! You can never have too many pairs of mini wedge heels! Spendless will undoubtedly be your favourite brand shop in the plethora of shoe brands, for we offer fantastic footwear at great prices. 


Style 4 – Ballet Flats


Check out our range of ballet flats this season. You will love what a pair of these women's casual kicks can do for your next look. There is nothing more comfortable compared to the feeling of wearing a pair of these shoes on your feet. 


There is something about this style of women's casual footwear that we love to wear throughout every season of the year. We know how fun a pair of ballet flats can look on your feet. These are classic footwear styles in the fashion world, which we are thrilled about. You will find that a pair of these new arrivals women's casual footwear is sure to become your new go-to kicks. 


Pair these women's casual footwear with a flowy skirt, stockings, and a cute, knitted jumper. Next, you can rock a pair of ballet flats with a maxi dress and many accessories. So why not try out ROCHELLE with your next outfit. We are obsessed with this style and know you will be too!


Style 5 – Canvas Sneakers 


Our range of canvas sneakers will become your new winter favourite in no time. These women's casual kicks are a must-have in your life. These are super comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. You will find that they are perfect for you to style with every outfit and can dress them up or down depending on what you want to achieve. 


That is the best thing about wearing a pair of canvas shoes. You will get the chance to wear them whenever and wherever throughout the day and night. So, if you are heading to a summer festival or a road trip with friends and family down to the beach, your pair of women's shoes will be perfect for you. We love how stylish and trendy a set of canvas sneakers can be. 


These are the type of women's casual shoes you will want to invest in more than one pair. You will find these women's casual shoes all around New Zealand! So what are you waiting for? Shop now in our brand in-store or online site to experience and enjoy the many benefits of all our new sign-ups.    


Have you found the perfect pair of women's casual shoes?


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