Casual Shoes Perfect for A New Zealand Summer!

Hello, summer! Well, that is something we would love to say if we could feel the warm summer breeze right about now. Every person in New Zealand can relate to us when we say that summer has not arrived just yet. But there is no harm in getting prepared for when the summer sun hits our shores. 


The team here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand know exactly what style to suggest, especially when it comes to rocking a pair of women's casual shoes. These new arrivals women's casual shoes are perfect for your everyday wear. So whether there is rain, hail, or shine, you can trust that Spendless has got all your needs sorted. 


If you are as excited as we are to welcome in the summer season, then keep reading. We have a wide range of women's casual shoes that are ready to make their way onto your feet as soon as possible! 


Style 1 – Slides


Check out our range of stylish slides this season! These women's casual shoes are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe. They are an easy-to-wear footwear style with plenty of stylish patterns and designs on offer. 


You will love wearing a set of these women's casual shoes daily, with maximum breathability throughout the pair. These women's casual shoes will ensure that your everyday look is smart and casual, the perfect two descriptions any girl wants to hear. 


Slides are super versatile in that they can get worn for just about any occasion. So whether it is a day at the beach, an afternoon at the park, or a full day spent at home doing housework, you can trust your reliable pair of slides to work correctly and take you through the day. These women's casual shoes are sure to make your day ten times better. 


Slides are super comfortable because you can slip in and out of them with ease. There is no better feeling than hopping in and out of your women's casual shoes whenever you please. So treat yourself to a pair of slides today! It's time to faster checkout this item at a very low price! Go to your favourite brands shop, Spendless NZ, to have them. 


Style 2 – Canvas Sneakers


Say hello to summer style with our range of canvas sneakers. These women's casual shoes are becoming one of the most comfortable pairs of footwear to own. You can forget about sore and tired feet because with a pair of canvas sneakers in your life, and you are sure to feel comfortable 24/7. 


These are the ultimate go-to pairs of women's casual shoes when you need a set of footwear to spend the entire day in. So whether you plan to have a chill day at home or spend the day exploring with family and friends, you can trust your canvas sneakers to keep your feet safe and secure all day long. 


These women's casual shoes are the perfect pair of women's casual shoes to wear if you need to spend a day full of adventure. With plenty of walking and climbing around uneasy surfaces, it is a must-have to own a pair of canvas sneakers. 


Offering plenty of grips, style, and breathability, you can rely on these bad boys to help you get through anything that is coming towards you. 


Style 3 – Sandals 


When the New Zealand sun hits, everyone knows that it will be time to bring out your favourite pair of sandals. These are perfect for the summertime, thanks to their level of breathability and versatility. A set of sandals look great with just about every look. 


You can trust that these women's casual shoes can tie just about any summer look together. So whether you are planning on wearing a super cute mini skirt and a cropped tee or a maxi dress with plenty of accessories, you can trust that these women's casual shoes will be the perfect finishing touch. 


There is no better feeling than rocking a pair of these women's casual shoes daily. Sandals can come in various styles and designs, too, so you will never feel stuck on options. A pair of these women's casual shoes will ensure that you are always rocking the latest styles. 


We know you will fall deeply in love with these women's casual shoes as soon as you step foot in a pair! 


Style 4 – Ballet Flats


Are you ready to close checkout in some comfy women's casual shoes? Well, we have the perfect styles for you. Our range of ballet flats is a must-have this season. 


You will find that a pair of ballet flats can take your look from drab to fab in no time. These women's casual shoes make every outfit look great. Whether it is a pair of denim jeans and a loose-fitted t-shirt, or a super cute and flowy dress, you can always rely on your ballet flats to tie the look together. 


This style of women's casual shoes is perfect for your everyday wear. These women's casual shoes can also double as a pair of casual women's work shoes for when you feel like ditching the heels for a day. 


We know that you will look perfect in a pair of ballet flats this season, no matter the occasion. They are breathable for your everyday summer needs as well, so say goodbye to sweaty feet and hello to balmy nights by the beach with the warm breeze blowing between your toes. 


Style 5 – Block Heels


For the girl's who love to rock a pair of heels, get ready because this style is for you. Our range of women's casual shoes can take you from a laidback day at home to a formal function. 


Block heels are one of the styles that would get worn to a special event so you can look stylish from morning until night, without compromising your comfort levels, of course. This tip is why block heels are the perfect style to wear to functions and events. 


A pair of these women's casual shoes will become your new go-to when you have a special event to attend. These pumps are especially perfect for the New Zealand summer. You can avoid pain and sweat with these women's casual shoes and enjoy the boost of height and level of comfort with the small block heel. 


We know you will fall head over heels in love with these women's casual shoes! 


Can't Wait for Summer to Wear Your Women's Casual Shoes?


If you are as keen as we are to get your hands on a new pair of women's casual shoes for the upcoming New Zealand summer, then you are in the right place. Our range of footwear is sure to tickle your fancy. You will find that these kicks will become your new favourite pair to wear from morning until night. Head to our store website today to find out more!


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