Casual Shoes Perfect For The Christchurch Holiday Season!

Shoes You Need For The Holidays!


Are you shopping for the whole family? You’ve come to the right place! Spendless has fantastic casual shoes for customers of all ages. Whether you want styles that will make everyone match, or you’re focused on getting each person their perfect pick, the versatile Spendless range will cater to you effortlessly.


So, let’s start looking at casual shoes, shall we?


If you like the idea of matching footwear, then our Birkenstock-inspired sandals are an excellent place to begin.


These dual-buckled slip-on casual shoes come in variation for a wide age spectrum. While black material is a classic pick, we have interesting shades like white and gold available on our shelves as well! The kids’ version of our Birkenstock casual shoes also have some age-appropriate upgrades. Instead of being a full slide-on design, our children’s sandals come with touch-fastening straps, so young children can stay safe and secure at all times.


Do you plan on keeping your kids busy during the holidays?


Get casual shoes that can keep up the pace at Spendless! Our sneakers, trainers, and other activewear are ideal for long days of walking and playing. If you know the holidays are going to be flat-out or spent entirely outdoors, then we recommend grabbing these casual shoes sooner rather than later.


Our trainers vary from fashion-focused to sports-centred. That means you get your pick of streamlined-looking styles with retro features or racy trainers that can run, jump, and help your family stay active.


As with our other styles, casual shoes from this range have different fastenings depending on the age of their wearers. Adults get to enjoy the easily-adjustable fit of our laced trainers, while casual shoes from the children’s range offer autonomy with touch-fastening straps.


Since cold weather is on the way, boots are another style of casual shoes worth mentioning.


These trans-seasonal casual shoes flourish in autumn and winter, but a proper set can be worn year-round if you need extra cover and protection for your feet.


Ladies enjoy more range in terms of height, but men and kids have all of our favourites. If you love hassle-free designs that stretch to your foot shape and pull-on quickly, then our Chelsea-style casual shoes are a must-have set. With their elastic side panelling and slip-on fit, they’re a no-brainer for anyone.


Otherwise, our laced and zip-up styles are classics too. Try something with a fluffy or fabric cuff for extra flair, or add a grunge-feel with buckles and hardware. With so many styles to choose from, the only difficult part about buying boots or casual shoes from Spendless is stopping at one.


Do you need casual shoes that can battle the elements?


As beautiful as Christchurch is, New Zealand’s weather spares none of its cities. If you’re heading out to explore the city during autumn or winter, then we recommend buying rain boots. These waterproof casual shoes will keep the entire family dry and warm in 2019 and beyond. Adults get classic block colours, but kids are sure to love the fun and colourful finishes on their rain boots.  


Rain boots are impervious to mud, rain, and wet grass, so you’re guaranteed to get your fair share of wear in them across the seasons. When the weather is kinder, you can repurpose these casual shoes as gardening footwear or use them out in the yard instead of dirtying your socks.


We hope this helps!


If you’re unsure about the casual shoes that will suit your family, then feel free to contact the friendly team at Spendless! We’d be happy to answer any queries about our products. Spend less on your next pair of casual shoes.