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Students benefit from our selection of sizes!


Here at Spendless, we’ve made it even easier for customers to get kids’ school shoes that fit perfectly. How did we do it, you ask? Well, our range boasts an enormous and inclusive spread of sizes that will fit every child, from the tiniest toddlers with the littlest feet to teenagers who are a hairbreadth away from the adult collection.

 Finding kids’ school shoes that will fit your child’s feet won’t be a struggle, and we make it even simpler by providing a convenient size guide for our online shoppers. The size chart is incredibly useful because it allows you to compare Spendless measurements with classic UK, US, and EU ones. Knowing your child’s ideal size in just one of these systems can help guide you to the ideal kids’ school shoes, every time! 


Spendless offers designs with different fastening too!


Take a look at our latest shoe collection, and you will see that we have a mix of lace-up, buckle-up, and touch-fastening kids’ school shoes. Touch-fastening straps feature on our smallest styles, as these are the best fastenings for young children. In contrast, buckled bands and laces appear on kids’ school shoes for preteens and older students, who won’t find them tricky the way that little children do. 


Traditional kids’ school shoes are a must-have for students!


These classroom-ready styles are classics. With their glossy material, flexible feel, and rounded toes, these kids’ school shoes always get an A+ for style! As mentioned, Spendless has an enormous range of sizes available, so your child can get the best-fitting pair every time they shop with us. Any student going into the classroom is going to need kids’ school shoes in this design, and Spendless has heaps for you to try! 


Our alternative looks are a great pick for the classroom too!


Who says kids’ school shoes can’t be fun and modern? If your daughter is done with traditional styles, then our fashionable Mary-Jane sandals could be the pair of her dreams. If your son wants kids’ school shoes he can wear on the weekends too, then our casual trainers could be a better pick for his wardrobe. Spendless has a dozen of these types of alternative designs, and they’re a fantastic choice for students with relaxed uniform rules. 


Our sneakers and trainers are up to any challenge!


Your child will need kids’ school shoes for their afternoon activities, sports practices, and PE classes. Here at Spendless, we have single-shade styles and multi-coloured pairs, so there’s something for everyone. Sporty kids’ school shoes get built for high-impact sports and activities, which means sturdy soles are a given. 


We’ve got styles with the most supportive soles!


This goes for traditional kids’ school shoes and sportswear. Since your child is going to spend five days a week wearing their uniform styles, they need designs that are up for such demanding use. Luckily, Spendless is always there to deliver! Our everyday kids’ school shoes come with built-in support and reliable tread. While the material is flexible, it’s still sturdy enough to deal with tough wear.

You can say goodbye to split soles and holes in your kids’ school shoes with our pairs! If you want your child’s pair to go the distance this year, then keep an eye out for designs with decent soles!


We’ve got every design you could want, and so much more!


Have a browse of our collection online! We’ve got the ideal range of kids’ school shoes for New Zealand customers.