Colourful, Playful Sneakers Your Child Will Love

Brighten-up your son’s uniform with the most colourful boys’ school shoes. We know kids can get bored with wearing the same glossy, black, traditional footwear to class every day. Lucky for him, Spendless has a bunch of cool and colourful sneakers that will break the monotony. Your son will love the look and feel of our sporty boys’ school shoes! 


Our bright sneakers are ready to play!


Here at Spendless, we have heaps of colourful boys’ school shoes. Our most popular come in vivid shades like orange, blue, yellow, and more! They don’t just look good; our sneakers feel amazing too! With padded ankle cuffs and built-in arch support to soothe kids’ feet, expect the best from our boys’ school shoes! The durable synthetic material and steadying soles can take care of students during sports games, PE classes, and playtime too! With our trainers on your child’s feet, he’ll stand out from the crowd and enjoy boys’ school shoes that liven-up his uniform. 


Have you seen our Licensed boys’ school shoes?


These trendy sneakers are sure to put a smile on your child’s face! Take a look at our Licensed boys’ school shoes, and you’ll spot some of your son’s favourite cartoon characters on the sides of these sports styles. We’ve got superheroes like Batman and Spiderman on adorable light-up trainers, and regular sneakers with the Avengers as well. These boys’ school shoes are guaranteed to be a hit with your kids! Don’t be surprised if your son insists on wearing these trendy trainers on the weekends too. This year bring the fun to your son’s uniform with Licensed boys’ school shoes! 


What sort of fastenings do our sporty styles have?


Like our traditional classroom designs, your son’s activewear comes in two main types: lace-up or touch-fastening. Boys’ school shoes with touch-fastening straps come in our smallest sizes, as these are the style of choice for young students. The simple rip-up and stick-down design is the easiest for young children to do without help from parents, teachers, or older students, so they’re a great starting design. As children get older and learn how to tie up shoelaces, you can move them on and get our lace-up styles instead. Laced boys’ school shoes tend to run in larger sizes as well, so making the switch to these more grown-up pairs will feel perfectly natural. Of course, we also have designs with a single touch-fastening tab, and some stretch elasticized laces, which will give kids a flexible and secure fit that’s kind on their little feet! 


Does your child have a strict uniform policy?


Most dress codes are more forgiving with sneakers and sportswear than with traditional boys’ school shoes. You shouldn’t need to worry about whether your son can wear his colourful trainers because most administrations don’t mind vibrant sportswear. However, ensure that before you buy any of the boys’ school shoes at Spendless, you double-check your son’s dress code. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all, and you don’t want any nasty surprises to crop up when you’ve already bought their new pairs.

Now, what do you do if colourful boys’ school shoes aren’t allowed for students? We recommend that the first thing you do is calm down; Spendless has got you covered on that front as well! Our all-white and all-black trainers come with the same clever features as our other boys’ school shoes— the only major difference in design is the finish. Our range will take care of students, no matter what! 


See what Spendless has on offer today!


Browse our boys’ school shoes at your leisure. We’re certain you’ll spot something amazing! To get the best and brightest sneakers, make Spendless your first stop for boys’ school shoes.