Combat The Southern Alps With Our Hiking Shoes

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Ready for your next great adventure in New Zealand? Whether your men's hiking boots are destined for tramping around Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Mount Sunday, or the Kepler Track, Spendless is here to find the best fit for you. It doesn't matter if you are a new hiker embarking on your first big trip, or an intrepid explorer who is going further than ever before! You can get the look for less, and a set of men's hiking boots to take you on your way.

Now, the kind of men's hiking boots that you will want depends entirely on the duration of your walk and the terrain you expect to encounter.
For instance:

If you plan on a relatively short trip across flat land, then the men's hiking boots you want may be trainers or some sturdy sneakers. At Spendless Shoes, we have sporty styles with padded innersoles and tough bottom tread for excellent grip. These would be perfect to use as men's hiking boots for one leg of your journey and to travel for the rest of it. You could also save yourself the trouble of packing an extra pair of shoes this way.

Alternatively, if you have a several days' worth of walking planned, and are heading around slippery, rocky, spiky, or otherwise intimidating terrain, then you want some proper men's hiking boots to help you along. When it comes to men's hiking boots, you want something sturdy and durable. Men's hiking boots should keep your feet warm, comfortable, and, of course, dry. Additionally, you also want a style that features plenty of ankle support.

The importance of support and padding

If you are a regular outdoorsman, then there is a good chance you know a thing or two about the fragility of ankles. If not, you should know that without a proper pair of men's hiking boots, your ankles are liable to fast damage if you happen to slip or fall over. It would be extremely disappointing to see your grand adventure cut painfully short, and all because you sprained, twisted or broke an ankle because your men's hiking boots were not up to scratch.

At Spendless Shoes, our men's hiking boots feature padding around the ankle and built-in support; this should safeguard you against injury from minor slips and spills during your time tramping, and help minimise the damage should you have a more severe accident.

Men's hiking boots from Spendless also have robust and flexible treads designed for harsh wear and conditions, as well as a synthetic material base. The synthetic (human-made) fabrics and materials that we use for our shoes are more water-resistant and faster to clean than men's hiking boots with leather lining. They also tend to last longer, so you can get years of wear out of these men's hiking boots!

Pack extra laces

We also recommend packing a spare pair of laces for the journey. Laces are typically harder to clean than actual shoes, so if your men's hiking boots get covered with mud or leaves or any other nuisance during your trek, then having a fresh pair to switch the old ones out for can spare you the smell and feel of dirty old laces. Of course, even if you do not use them as a replacement for your men's hiking boots, you could repurpose your spare laces as a fishing line or rope to secure your pack or a tent. There is no shortage of ways these could be helpful along the way.

Get the look for less for your next trek!

Find the best men's hiking boots at Spendless Shoes, and make the most of New Zealand's Southern Alps! Browse our styles online for the best men's hiking boots, and get your perfect pair today!