Does Your Child Work Part-Time? These School Shoes Will Also Double as the Perfect Work Shoe!

To make sure your child doesn't get hurt, look for kids' school shoes that won't let them slip.


These characteristics fight against the leading causes of slips and accidents. Do you know if your child's school shoes have one?


Allow our team from Spendless New Zealand to help you.


  • School Shoe Material 


Check the kids' school shoes because their material must be elastic, flexible, and versatile. Anything opposite them, like rigid tyres, can be highly stiff and offer insufficient traction. 


Your child's school shoes need traction to give them stability and prevent accidents at work and in class, especially with the unpredictable weather in New Zealand. 


Thankfully, the materials in Spendless New Zealand footwear will keep your child safe as they rush from class to work! A well-fitted pair of kids' school shoes is equally important as having suitable materials. Ill-fitting footwear is just as dangerous as not wearing it.


  • Tread Pattern


A second characteristic to look out for in a pair of kids' school shoes is the tread pattern because it promotes friction, which is necessary for a better grip on the ground. The treads frequently have circles, hexagons, or squiggles in them.


The treads on kids' school shoes are helpful because they spread out the sole's surface area on uneven ground, making it less likely that the child will trip and fall. In addition, smaller patterns offer more resistance, so choose them if you can.


The suggested distance between each tread shape is 2 mm. Ensure your child's school shoes have these tread patterns to keep them safe in class and at their part-time work! 


  • Anti-Skid Soles


The outsoles of your child's black school shoes are made of durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber, which helps prevent trips and falls. Check that the outsoles of kids' school shoes are slightly rounded. 


Anti-skid soles make it easier to grip the floor, even when dirty, by preventing water from becoming trapped underneath. This characteristic is perfect for the extreme weather in New Zealand, where some claim you can experience all four seasons in one day. 


Also, the soles are thicker than usual, which keeps students who work and go to school from getting foot, ankle, and back pain. Class stress can already cause back pain, which you can help ease by bringing them the correct kids' school shoes.


We know that standing or moving about for a long time can cause fatigue. Buying kids' black school shoes from Spendless New Zealand helps lessen their burden and exhaustion. 


Slip-Resistant School Shoes for Your Child


Now we know the essential characteristics needed in the kids' school shoes to protect them as they rush from class to work. 


So, please let us tell you about the school shoes at Spendless New Zealand that won't slip. This (often black) school shoe is ideal for part-timers who prefer to use only one pair for both.


The great thing about our slip-resistant school shoes is that they can double as kids' school shoes. How is that possible? Please allow us to expound! Our slip-resistant school shoes for men and women in lace-up style come in black.


From these descriptions, the school shoes can already pass several academic institutions' uniform requirements, making them an ideal pair of school shoes for boys and girls. 


Even better, you get to hit two birds with one stone: a pair of kids' school shoes for the class that protect like slip-resistant school shoes! Here are some of the features that our available style at Spendless New Zealand has:

  • Slip-resistant sole.
  • Oil-resistant outsole.
  • Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  • Flexible and padded innersoles for all-day comfort.


Because of the child's academic load and a part-time job, they might need additional foot care, like cushions and innersoles, which you can add at checkout! 


Ensuring Their Black School Shoes Are in Tip-Top Shape


With your child rushing between responsibilities, you must help check their school shoes to ensure they are still in tip-top shape. Doing this will keep your child safe and protected. Here are some things to double-check: 


  • No holes in the soles.


Please ensure the soles of their kids' school shoes are solid and free of gaps because these openings lead to accidents. Once you notice a hole, purchase a new pair from Spendless New Zealand immediately. 


  • Check the outsoles frequently.


 Outsoles, like tyres, are used in slip-resistant school shoes. Therefore, you must check the outsoles of your child's school shoes to see how worn they are and if they can still get you from point A to point B.


  • Keep the school shoes' mouths shut.


Your child's school shoes are about to begin "talking" when the outsole splits from the upper of slip-resistant school shoes. Replace them immediately to avoid accidents. 


Your child deserves the best, and they don't need to be top brands! 


You must be so proud of your child for showing responsibility at such a young age by balancing academics and work. Balance, as the operative word, is crucial as they juggle between the two.


Your shopping cart does not need to carry brand-name items like Harrison or Clarks, nor do you need to pay a hefty price for school shoes for children. 


Give them durable, slip-resistant school shoes from Spendless New Zealand's line by going to our website's online shop. (Shopping on our site means there is no need to contend with opening hours—we're always ready to take your order!)


You may also visit and buy school shoes at the nearest store!