Dressing Well This Winter Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive, Come To Spendless!

Buy men’s boots from Spendless and enjoy a guilt-free shop! Are you a regular shopper with us? If not, you should know that Spendless Shoes has been providing affordable footwear (like our men’s boots) for over thirty years now. We are firm believers in the idea that keeping your footwear fresh and current should not be an expensive endeavour. Just take a look at the starting prices of our men’s boots, and you’ll start to understand! 


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Buy men’s boots now and pay later with LayBuy! Shopping at Spendless Shoes is even more convenient for customers, now that you can delay payments. When you buy men’s boots using LayBuy, you can split up the cost of your order into a series of smaller payments. Are you trying to reduce your weekly expenses by sticking to a strict budget, then using LayBuy to break up the amount will be a great help! The next time you need to update your wardrobe, use your LayBuy account, and you won’t be feeling guilty about your new men’s boots. 


Now, who’s ready to hear about our leading designs? 


Our lace-up men’s boots look great with suits!

Do you need more protection from your dress shoes? During winter and autumn, lace-up men’s boots are the go-to replacement for traditional formal footwear. They are also an excellent alternative in rugged open-air settings, like an outdoor wedding or party venue, for instance. The only real difference between dress shoes and other lace-up men’s boots is the height of the ankle. If your formal pants are long enough to cover your ankles, you might not even be able to tell which one you have on either way. Black and tan men’s boots are the two main shade available at Spendless, as these are an effortless match with formal attire in different shades. We think black shoes and dark suits create a classic and sophisticated look. With navy, grey, or lighter formalwear, tan men’s boots will add a fresh and modern feel. 

For a style that can flit between formal and casual, we’ve got pull-on designs!

Pull-on men’s boots from Spendless are some of our top picks in every season. Since they are ankle-high, they are versatile enough to wear in spring and summer, not just winter and autumn. They don’t have adjustable laces like our other styles, but since they have stretchy side panels, they can fit different foot shapes with ease. During winter, you can dress these men’s boots up with a matching leather jacket, a collared shirt, and some fitted pants (or skinny jeans). Styling these to look their best is no great feat; you’ll find our pull-on pairs match the basics in your wardrobe seamlessly. 

Get prepared for the winter ahead with work-ready men’s boots!

After all, dressing well is also about wearing the best thing for the situation and setting. When it comes to men’s boots for the worksite, the key to the right attire is to support it with the most durable footwear. Our hardy designs incorporate a plethora of safety features, including steel-capped toes, slip-resistant soles, shock-absorbing padding, and other additions. When you’re working with power tools or around heavy machinery, these robust men’s boots can provide you with peace of mind and enduring protection. And, don’t worry— they’re a natural match with hi-viz vests and hardhats. 


So, why not stop in and have a look at our collection?

Spendless Shoes has trendy men’s boots at prices that everyone will love! Do you want shoes that can help you dress well this year? You know where to look!