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Are you ready for a New Zealand getaway?

Are you an Auckland local looking to get out more? Spendless Shoes is here to help you find your essential set of women’s flats! We have everything from sports shoes to sandals to cosy slides. Whatever you have planned this season, Spendless can help you do it better. Read on and have a look at our sportiest, loveliest, and comfiest women’s flats!


Let’s start with a favourite set of walking shoes


When you shop for active women’s flats at Spendless, you’re sure to come across a few of our slip-in styles. These spongey shoes are lightweight and airy, even after hours of wear, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy a fantastic feel. The mesh-like material is soft, so socks are optional as well. You wouldn't run a marathon in our flexible women’s flats, but there’s no reason why you can’t take them out for a walk. Plus, they’ll make a cute casual statement with your best athleisure wear! 


Sneak some sneakers into your shopping cart


When it comes to active women’s flats, sneakers and trainers are also an excellent place to start. These sports shoes will be a welcome pick for ladies looking for adventure in Auckland. If you want to run, hike, bike, climb, and everything else, then a sneakers-style women’s flats should satisfy. Auckland is full of fun tourist spots and extreme activities. Do you want to face your fear of heights and go bungy jumping? Guess what— sneakers and trainers are the recommended footwear. You’ll feel better knowing you won’t lose your women’s flats when you go over the edge, trust us!


Otherwise, our trendy canvas shoes could be a better fit!


These women’s flats are a step above our other active footwear when it comes to fashion. While they do miss out on the grooved soles featured on our sporty styles, canvas shoes are a lot more photogenic. We recommend these women’s flats with cut-off jeans and retro tops, but they could also look awesome with the right skirt. The popular choice from this section comes with a square-cut top and hole-punched finish.


What about a vintage-made-new style?


We have some fabulous semi-formal shoes too! If you were over the moon about sling-back heels coming back, then our sling-back women’s flats are a must-have item. You’ll adore the wraparound heel strap, delicately pointed toes, and sleek material. We can’t recommend these enough! Women’s flats in this style can work as a casual or formal pair with the right outfit. The black version is sophisticated and timeless, while our snakeskin and leopard print women’s flats will keep your wardrobe cutting-edge. If you want a taste of fine-dining this season, or want to dress up and experience the Auckland nightlife, then grab a set today!


Finally, bring summertime vibes to your collection with self-tie sandals 


Once the weather heats up, you’ll be glad to have these airy women’s flats on your feet! We love the soft faux suede laces and the slimming effect that they have on your calves. These women’s flats bring the ultimate flattering effect to your legs, and you’re free to loosen or tighten them as you like! When your busy Auckland day starts at dawn and runs late into the evening, being able to adjust and alter the fit of your women’s flats will help you get through it in total comfort.  


Find your ideal women’s flats today! 


We have even more designs for you to see and try, and we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect match from our range. You’ll make the most of your time in Auckland with women’s flats from Spendless Shoes!