Find the best shoes for your kids this season!

Best Kids Shoes 

Are you trying to track down the best styles of kids' shoes for spring and summer? At Spendless, we have got you covered. Our vast, affordable range is the perfect option for anyone who needs a new pair for their child. Whether you are desperately trying to replace a favourite set of kids' shoes that could not survive to see this summer, or on the hunt for something new, we have what you need. Our range of kids' shoes spans sandals, sneakers, all manner of boots, school styles, slip-on and buckle-ups, and anything else you can imagine. So, shall we have a quick summary?


When it comes to versatile spring or summer kids' shoes, you cannot go past sandals. These provide airflow for feet, a flexible and comfy fit, and a range of styles and colours. We have closed-in kids' shoes and sandals built for playgrounds, as well as dressier styles that children can wear to formal events. You will find classic slip-on kids' shoes and thongs for all, with colourful prints that will make them easy to spot on sandy beaches.

Formal footwear

Oh yes, we have kids' shoes for fancy occasions too! Those with keen eyes might notice that many of our kids' shoes get based off of our adult styles, and vice versa. If you want to match up your little ladies and gentlemen with their older counterparts, then have a skim through our range for complementing styles. Boys can find pull-on or lace-up styles in black, tans, and browns. Girls get their pick of wedges, low heels, flats, and sandals.

For the schoolyard

We will keep this one brief since there is plenty of other information on kids' shoes for school. At Spendless, we have classic black laced styles, sandals, and a few buckled Mary-Janes. We also have some all-white and all-black runner and joggers, as well as our speedy sneakers for all that running during recess, lunch, and P.E classes.

Kids' shoes: the sporty edition

Toddlers and younger children will love our range of sneakers and trainers. These kids' shoes will make playing out in the spring and summer sunshine a treat. These kids' shoes come in bright and vibrant colours, and with a score of different decorations. Patterns and cartoon characters, flowers and racing stripes— you name it! We even have sneakers that light up when you walk.

Girls and boys will love running around in these, and you will like the velcro fittings that keep our kids' shoes in place. The velcro straps will stay tight and secure when joined, so no kids' shoes will be getting lost during playtime. The straps also make it easy to take them off and on, so you can focus on teaching your children how to tie their laces, instead of trying to figure out how they managed to undo your triple-knot tie just by walking around.

Finding the right size

Our kids' shoes come in the biggest size variation, given that they span ages from toddlers to adult. If you need help figuring out sizes, you can always head to our website and consult our sizing chart. If you are viewing a certain product, you will find a link to the size chart next to the description of the kids' shoes. Otherwise, you can find it at the bottom of our webpage.

Did anything pique your interest?

If you want kids' shoes this season, Spendless has got the styles for you. With so many variations on all our looks, there is bound to be something for everyone. Jump online anytime and check out our kids' shoes! Get the look for less at Spendless.