Find The Perfect Heel For Every Occasion

The Perfect Heel For Every Occasion 

At Spendless Shoes, we always want our customers to find the perfect pair of shoes for them. Today, we wanted to discuss how to get the best set of high heels based off of your personal preferences. Are you ready to search out your ultimate match?

First, let's talk about the height

Now, at Spendless Shoes, we recognise that not everyone can traipse around in a pair of lovely tall stilettos comfortably. And really, comfort is the key to any great shoe. You might adore a style and the way it looks on your feet, but if your high heels cause no end of aches and pains, then you will never truly enjoy them.

So, what is the best sizing for you? If you are a bit of a stranger to high heels or tremble at the thought of nine centimetre high heels, then the best place to start is low or kitten styles and a nice mule. Some of our most popular looks in this category include stunning sling-backs and strappy slip-on styles.

High block heels and platforms are also excellent choices. These have broader bases which allow for more stability and stops pressure from building up exclusively in your ankles and feet. You can wear them for longer without feeling them, and they come in all sorts of variations.

Finally, for the real lover of high heels, Spendless Shoes has pumps and stilettos. These are perfect for special occasions, parties, and any function that requires you to dress up.

The setting

The office is not necessarily the best place for your glittery stilettos, but a gorgeous patent pump in glossy red, natural, or black could do the trick. At Spendless Shoes, our top picks for office and work wear also include sling-backs and high heels with classic rounded-toes. Go low if you want to wear slimmer high heels, and feel free to add some height if you chose a blocky base instead.

High heels are looking to be a massive feature in casual wear this season. We recommend going for a strappy or structured look which can help elongate your legs. Pinks and natural tones will be perfect with light denim and prints, or you could make a statement with bold red.

If we are talking formal event, then your high heels can start off in the stiletto range. These lovely shoes come with metallic finishes, dazzling diamanté trimming, and slim straps. These will look gorgeous with any formal outfit.

Accessorize for comfort

If you want to wear big and tall high heels for extended periods of time, then the accessories are the way to go. At Spendless Shoes, we have many handy accessories you can purchase online to add some comfort to your high heels.

Innersoles are the largest, provide full foot cover, and come in spongy fabric and gel. However, we recommend half innersoles and gel cushions with high heels, as they are less visible when worn and provide specific relief and support to the balls of your feet (also known as the part that starts aching first). Beyond that, we also have grips which work dually as fitting aids and cushioning.

If slim high heels and pumps are giving you grief, or keep on getting stuck in things, then Starlettos are the way to go. These fit on the end of your high heels and provide a broader base to stand on. Startlettos fit a wide range of high heels in different shapes, and without marking faux suede or other delicate fabric finishes.

Can you envisage the perfect high heels?

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