Finding the Perfect Pair of Kids' School Shoes

Parents and guardians constantly search for the perfect pair of kids' school shoes. Often, they experience tantrums or fits when they ask their children to wear their academic footwear. 

It is puzzling that they initially loved the kids' school shoes before showing signs of dislike. So what happened after six weeks?

Your child likely went through a growth spurt, making their school shoes ill-fitting and uncomfortable. In finding academic footwear for your kid, you must know things to ensure you can find a replacement immediately. 

There is never an acceptable time for your kid to wear ill-fitting school shoes. No matter how short, whether hours or days, it can cause deformities and health problems that can affect them permanently.

Spendless New Zealand understands the difficulty of knowing everything there is to know about kids' school shoes. 

However, since parents want only the best for their children, it's essential to discover where they can get the perfect pair because identifying which brand to buy removes all the other trial and error steps. 

Once they know where to buy them, the next step is to confirm that the kids' school shoes have the necessary features to keep them comfortable and supported. 

If this seems too daunting, let's make everything easier with help from the Spendless NZ team. Discover everything you need to know about finding the perfect pair of kids' school shoes!  

Where can I get the best academic footwear? 

Spendless New Zealand, of course! The brand knows every necessary feature required in academic footwear and ensures each style has it. As a result, shopping at Spendless NZ is a seamless experience, whether in-store or online.

While some are hesitant to shop online, you must try it! Spendless NZ encourages customers to buy online by offering discount vouchers and coupons. But, more importantly, doing this will allow you to avoid crowds and shop at your convenience.  

What should I check when buying academic footwear? 

As mentioned, your kid can outgrow their academic footwear in weeks. So, what you buy now may only fit for a month or two, so you must replace it after. 

Please also remember that your child's feet develop until puberty, so it's essential to have supportive academic footwear that ensures the bones fuse correctly. 

1. Comfort 

When buying academic footwear, which your child will wear for around 30 hours weekly, ensure it is comfortable. 

Lose the kids' school shoes immediately if there's a sign of discomfort, as this can affect your child's performance and health. Here are the essential features to ensure comfort.

  • The Right Fit

Getting the right fit requires the correct size measurements. It would help if you measured the length and width of your child's feet separately. 

Then, take them shopping for kids' school shoes in the afternoon when your child's feet are at their largest size to account for the swelling. If you're unsure how to do it, get help from a professional, like a podiatrist. 

They can recommend the perfect kids' academic shoes for your kid.

  • Enough Toe Room

Toes need enough room to spread naturally, affecting balance and stability. The safest is to leave a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the tip of the kids' academic shoes. 

Test this by asking your kid to wiggle their toes. If they can do this effortlessly, the footwear's fine. Once you notice their toes touching the kids' school shoes, it's time to replace them. 

The constant rubbing may cause blisters, while the toes squeezing may result in hammertoes.

  • Adjustable

There must be a way for your kid to adjust the fit of their academic footwear to feel cosier. Fastenings like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces are essential. 

These features require skill from your child so that they can adjust their kids' school shoes without help. 

Younger ones prefer touch-fastening straps, while those slightly more skilled can learn how to lock buckles. The more advanced students choose laces, which are the hardest to make.

2. Supportive 

Constantly developing feet need the proper support from kids' school shoes to grow correctly. So, here are some things to check to keep precious feet protected.

  • Flexible

Because the bones in your child's feet are fusing, their academic footwear must be flexible enough to support that. Rigid footwear will overwork their bones and muscles and affect their growth. 

Moreover, kids' school shoes must mimic the natural movement of your child's feet, so they must be flexible until the balls of the feet only and nothing further.

  • Firm Heel Counter

Heel counters oversee your child's stability and the longevity of the footwear. You need to ensure that it's firm, because that's the only way it can provide the necessary support. 

To check, press on the heel counters of the children's academic footwear. If they give in, they are not firm enough and won't suit your kid.

3. Stylish  

Over time, you will notice that your kid is starting to develop their taste and will be more vocal about what they prefer. 

Sometimes, their peers and classmates can influence their choices, especially if a popular kid's shoe fad is in the classroom.

Involve your kid in the selection process because this will boost their confidence. If the school wants to check all the features, give them one. But if it doesn't, explain why they need a different style, mainly because not all feet are the same.

Spendless NZ's kids' school shoes for girls include Mary Janes, T-Bars, double straps, lace-ups, and sneakers. All styles use fastenings designed to give your daughters the capacity to adjust the fit of their footwear. 

Meanwhile, footwear for boys designed for school includes pull-on boots, double straps, lace-ups, and sneakers. 

Finding the correct pair of shoes requires looking at several different brands before making a purchase. Brands like Asics, Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Roc, and Nike are just a few of the many available at Everflex Shoes' extensive selection of school footwear.

You can locate the ideal pair of shoes for your kid because every brand is different and offers something special. We have you covered, whether you need a fashionable style, increased durability, or larger size options.

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