Flat Shoe Styles That Are Perfect For Work And Play!

Women’s flats are versatile shoes that can be taken from work and right through to play, now, what’s better than having a pair of shoes that can do all that? That’s right, your work shoe prayers have been answered! 


Forget the uncomfortable sky-high stiletto heels for work and opt for a pair of Spendless Shoes stylish women’s flats that are deceivingly perfect for work. And don’t be fooled, these shoes will take you through to after-work drinks, school pick-ups and weekend wear. What’s not to love? So let’s get started and we will show you some women’s flats that will give your work uniform a little facelift! 



  • Ballet Styles



Now, the most common women’s flats have to be classic ballet styles and as great as a shoe classic is for work, at Spendless Shoes we also have some styles that have had some modern updates. We guarantee you are going to love these modern takes on the classic ballet style. 


But just before we get into it, let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about some classic ballet styles that are still around and kicking! Classic ballet styles are the perfect work shoe, these women’s flats are usually found in a round toe with a closed in back and with small shoe details such as buckles, bows, claps or studs. 


Our range of ballet styles are made in leather or synthetic fabrics and the varied exterior finished means you will find your perfect finish, whether its hole punched, woven, lace, suede-like or smooth. 


But in saying that, if you are looking for women’s flats that are a little different from your everyday ballet styles, then we have the shoes for you! 



  • Modern Ballet Styles 



Our modern take on the classic ballet style includes pointed toes, slingback, ankle buckles and cut out designs. That’s right, if you are looking for a slightly different ballet style, then why not give these a try? These modern styles will take your work outfit to the next level, simply pair a pointed toe slingback style with slim fit high waisted pants and tuck in a flowy blouse. Or pair these women’s flats with you’re a-lined dresses and skirts too, these beauties will keep your work attire looking corporate without wearing stilettos or court shoes. 


Our favourites have to be pointed toe slingback styles, these shoes look fantastic when paired with your work attire and weekend wear. Don’t be afraid to pair these corporate women’s flats with your denim cut off jeans and finish this look with a crisp shirt slightly tucked in, this will give you the ultimate smart casual look. Or think of work from home?


The modern take on these classic women’s flats has revolutionised the way we wear women’s flats. So don’t be afraid to take these versatile shoes from the office to the weekend with ease. Trust us, you will become a style icon in the office and amongst friends.



  • Loafers



Loafers in general are great work shoes, but just like a pair of block heels, add a little more to your work outfit by wearing these women’s flats. 


Loafers are a great alternative to heels for the office, trade-in your stiletto heels and opt for a pair of loafers instead and give your office uniform a little pep! Our slip-on loafer styles are versatile with their contrast block heel colours and variations in fabrics. For something a little more casual than the classic smooth black loafer, then why not try a relaxed hole-punched style with a bold white small-wedge heel? These women’s flats have padded soles to cushion your feet throughout the day and the stretchy fit and slip-on designs make these shoes ever so comfortable. 


Take these women’s flats seamlessly from the office to after-work drinks without actually looking like you are wearing your uniform. That’s the true magic of loafers, their versatility will keep your outfit looking fresh and relaxed, keep these women’s flats easily accessible to keep your work uniform looking not so corporate. What’s not to love about that?



  • Lace-Up Loafers



Spendless Shoes lace-up loafers are a mix of a loafer and a ladies dress shoe, our lace-up loafers feature open airy sides and cut-outs that will allow your feet to breathe throughout the day. Find a range of trendy finishes like woven fabrics, hole punched details or intricate lace-like patterns. These trendy women’s flats look great when paired with your slim leg tailored pants as well as wide-leg pants, flowy dresses and skirts.


Effortlessly take these women’s flats to after-work drinks and right through to the weekend. Lace-up loafers look great when worn with cut off or cuffed denim jeans, tuck in a tailored tank or tee and throw on a long line blazer over the top. We love seeing these dress shoes worn with relaxed styles like boyfriend blazers and denim. 



  • Slides



If you are looking for some fresh slip-on styles that will get you through the summer months, then we have the answer for you… slides. That’s right, these women’s flats are another versatile shoe that will get you from the office to after-work drinks with ease. For the ladies who work in the heart of the city like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, then we don’t recommend wearing these every day into the corporate office, but why not throw them on for casual Fridays? 


These women’s flats look best when worn with your summer favourites, midi dresses, skirts and wide-leg pants for casual Fridays in the office. Then take these women’s flats through to weekend wear with your favourite denim cut-offs which look great with relaxed oversized linen shirts. 


When it comes to work shoes, isn’t it time to ditch the uncomfortable work heels? Isn’t it time to choose a sensible pair of women’s flats for the office? 


If you are nodding your head, then find your perfect fit of classic ballet styles, loafers and slides at Spendless Shoes and what’s great about these women’s flats is the fact that they can be taken to after work wear ever so easily.

So, head online to Spendless Shoes to find yourself a pair of women’s flats and take advantage of our speedy deliveries. We guarantee once you give these styles a try you won’t be giving those stiletto pumps a second thought!