Flats Perfect For The Auckland Woman!

Have you finished cleaning out your 2020 collection for the start of the new year, and need women’s flats to fill the empty spaces? Auckland ladies, listen up! Spendless Shoes has the women’s flats that you want this season, and at bargain prices. Do you need to replace a much-loved pair from last year? 


Come to Spendless Shoes, and we’ll help you discover your dream pair!


Are you looking for something that you can wear from dawn until dusk?


Our women’s flats will keep you comfy for countless hours! While heels and wedges will always make a statement in an outfit, not everyone will feel confident or comfortable with having them on their feet all day long. Besides, women’s flats from Spendless Shoes are as fun and stylish as any of our heels! We cycle current trends through all of our designs, based on the latest looks of the year. 


So, when a particular texture, print, or decoration starts popping up in the fashion world, you can be sure that Spendless has heels and women’s flats with the same core features! Make our sandals, slides, and other casual shoes your go-to styles in 2021, and you’ll enjoy the best blend of comfort and style! 


Everyone should have a cute pair of slides!


Slides are a must-have for casual and dressy events in spring and summer. With their quick fit on, airy feel, and versatile, stylish options, slip-on women’s flats are a favourite with our customers. So, do you want to know which of the newly-arrived designs that we think should be on your shopping list? 


This season, the material to look out for on your next pair of women’s flats is linen! This lightweight and textured fabric is making waves in 2021, and we’re all for it in your wardrobe. Do you have a favourite set of women’s flats from Spendless that you’d love to see in linen material? We’ve updated a few of our best-loved slides with a linen version this season, so it’s worth having a snoop on our website to see if yours is there! 


We’ve got the ideal women’s flats for your workplace! 


Who’s looking for their next go-to office shoes? Spendless has the women’s flats that you need for your nine-to-five. Since most workplaces don’t like styles that leave your toes uncovered, our list of essentials for office ladies consists mainly of ballet-style shoes and hybrid loafers. Lightweight and comfy underfoot, these women’s flats are easy to match with different outfits. 


Plus, since most of our pairs will complement many outfits, mixing and matching with your work basics will be no struggle! This season, we recommend women’s flats with braided rope detailing and décor with a summery feel.


Fashionable trainers are must-have women’s flats! 


Have you seen our gorgeous casual trainers and slim-fitting sneakers? We have heaps of versions of these women’s flats in the 2021 catalogue, including ones with decorative stripes, animal print side panels, metallic material, pin-punched texture, and more! If you’re planning on taking advantage of any of Auckland’s adventure sports, then you’ll need women’s flats like these, unless you plan to wear fully-fledged sporty sneakers!


Anyone who plans bungy jumping or doing some other adrenaline-inducing activities will need shoes with enclosed toes and a decent grip on the soles. Not only will our fashionable trainers stay on your feet (unlike slides or slide-on women’s flats), but they’ll also look better than your activewear in any pictures you take as souvenirs.   


New Zealand ladies love the range at Spendless Shoes!


Get on top of the trendiest style with our newest women’s flats!