Formal footwear for men and women

Our Range Of Formal Footwear

The search for formal shoes does not have to become a long and arduous saga. Spendless has a wide range of dressy styles for men and women, whether it is for dinner out at a fancy restaurant or for a black-tie event.

For men

Gentlemen, most of you will want to be in a polished looking formal shoes. For the traditionalists, we have glossy black lace-ups with a slight point on the toes. These can easily double as a pair for work or other official settings. For a more modern look, try formal shoes in a brown or tan shade.

Formal shoes in either of these colours will look sharp with grey or navy suits if you feel like shaking things up and discounting a classic black suit. You would be hard-pressed to find a suit or any dress attire that would go poorly with a pair of formal lace-up shoes.

Then again, if formal shoes with laces rarely turn your head, we have slip-on options. These come with elastic features which provide more flexibility for feet when you wear them, and also aid in getting them on in the first place.

Finally, we have a selection of boots that make excellent formal shoes. These even come in faux suede. Some of our favourite boots are a variation on the Chelsea-style, meaning they pull on and off quickly, and that they have elastic side panels to provide a more versatile fit. With fitted trousers or some nice chinos, these will look right at home amongst the other formal shoes.

For women

Ladies, you have your pick of colours just as soon as you choose a style. Many of the same formal shoes for women come in multiple colours. For instance, a block heel with a dainty ankle strap might come in black, white, red, and also in glittery silver or shiny rose gold. So, not only do you have to try and narrow down your pick of formal shoes, but you also have to try and decide between different colours.

Now— heels or no heels? Women's formal shoes can come with flats, heel, or even wedges. It is the first and most significant decision you have to make, and a lot of it is dependent on how long your event runs and how comfortable you are wearing heels in general.

Once you have that figured out, our line of formal shoes is all yours to peruse. In fact, we can even help you find a matching clutch.

Trying to find something for everyone?

If you are also interested in finding formal shoes for kids, you will be glad to hear that many of our adult styles are near-identical to our children's ones— apart from the apparent size difference, of course. What it means is that flower-girls can match bridesmaids and ring-bearers can match the groomsmen. Just browse through our kids' section and check out the "dress" categories to find them online.

Do you need to find formal shoes for everyone in a bridal party? Well, take a deep breath. Spendless has a bulk order option for requests of more than ten pairs of shoes. Once you have found the styles of formal shoes that you want to purchase, contact us with all the details at or call our online team on 1800 357 427.

So, why wait?

If you need formal shoes for ladies, gentlemen, or for kids, hop on over to the Spendless website. We have detailed images, descriptions, and sizing information to help you along. And, if you are having trouble, you can always get in contact with our fantastic team through our official contact form. Get formal shoes for less when you shop with Spendless.