From Ball Pit To Daycare, We’ve Got Toddler’s Shoes For Every Occasion!

Finding The Perfect Toddler Shoes For Your Little One

Looking for toddler shoes to fit your little one? Spendless has just the thing! With over thirty years of experience fitting customers of all ages, we know a thing or two about this.

Things to keep in mind

Children at this age still have soft bones in their feet, so it is crucial that you take care of them. While poor-fitting toddler shoes should not cause any permanent damage, they can aggravate existing foot conditions or cause discomfort that will need to be corrected by a podiatrist.

Toddler shoes should be cosy and comfortable, but they should also protect feet. As your kids start getting more adventurous, they are going to need toddler shoes with more robust soles; this should help prevent slips and safeguard sensitive feet from whatever they are stepping over.

Why the right fit matters

Picking the right sizes and styles of toddler shoes for your kids can be a bit of a process.

First, you'll want to make sure that you're not choosing toddler shoes that are too big. After all, you wouldn't want to hinder progress or development of kids who are just starting to walk by having them stumble around awkwardly in too-big toddler shoes.

How to check the sizing

To make sure the toddler shoes you have are the right size, conduct a quick test! Place your pinkie on the top of the toddler shoes and check that there is a least a fingers' width between your child's toes and the edge. This gap should ensure that little toes aren't getting squished against the end.

Styles for fast-growing kids

If you find types of toddler shoes that your kids adore, you can keep up with their rapid growth and purchase the same kind in the next size up. Our official spread of toddler shoes spans three styles, but the entire kids' range has over fifteen, and most designs have around ten or so. If your kids outgrow their current favourites, then you can easily replace them in the next size up.

Fastenings you will appreciate

At Spendless, we believe velcro straps are must-haves on a pair of toddler shoes. Almost all of our styles come with velcro fastenings. They keep feet securely inside toddler shoes, adjust for comfort, and they are also helpful for a speedy placement on and off of feet. Plus, parents will appreciate the security if their little one tends to kick or knock toddler shoes off when they start getting restless in prams or pushers.

Our top styles this spring

Toddler shoes are sturdier than Pre-Walkers, which means they differ somewhat from sock booties and little slippers.

Sneakers are always a beautiful place to start. These toddler shoes come with fun design and colours. They should also fit comfortably from the get-go. Plus, they have that all-important flexible sole to ensure they are not too constricting. Girls and boys alike will love these trendy little trainers!

Sandals are an excellent pick during the hot spring or summer weather. These provide a right amount of airflow (which will keep little feet from sweltering) and come in all sorts of designs. One of our favourite looks for boys is a Birkenstock style based on a counterpart from the men's range. For girls, white and silver sandals look to be a popular choice. Otherwise, springtime slides with diamanté and rhinestone trim are another excellent option.

So, which pair will you be picking up for your kids?

If you need toddler shoes for your little one this season, then head to Spendless! You can browse our fantastic range at your leisure, whenever and wherever you like. Get the look for less (and some great toddler shoes) at Spendless!