From Boat Shoes to Espadrilles - A Guide to Men's Casual Shoes

Are you looking for your next best pair of men's casual shoes? Well, you have come to the right place. The team at Spendless NZ know the ins and outs of what the trendiest men's casual shoes for the season are, and we are here to give you the run-down.


There is a range of men's leather slip shoes that will capture any guy's eye, but knowing which pair of casual slip are in fashion can be quite the challenge. So we are here to guide you through the trendiest canvas shoes and casual slip on shoes going around, so you can look your very best all season long.


From boat shoes to espadrilles, there is a pair of men's casual kicks for every guy to enjoy. So if you need a wardrobe refresh, then keep on reading. You will find your new favourite lace up shoes and slip on shoes right here with Spendless NZ.


Style 1 – Boat Kicks and Woven Loafers


The ultimate go-to style of men's casual shoes is the boat kicks and woven loafers. These styles are interchangeable and offer many similar qualities. The leather boat shoes are much more durable because they have a thick sole and sturdy outer material.


They are a super fashionable style of footwear and look great with any outfit. Men's casual boat shoes look great when paired with some chino pants, a loose-fitted t-shirt and an oversized jacket if needed. This look is perfect for weekends of running errands or an after-work dinner with the family.


A pair of men's leather boat shoes will ensure you look your very best all day and night long. If you want to wear a dressier footwear style but still channel that laidback vibe, then a pair of woven loafers will be the leather casual shoes shoes for you.


Woven loafers provide guys with the perfect combination of classy and chill all in one. They are a breathable and fashionable style of mens shoes which is the ideal type of kicks to have in your wardrobe.


These look best when paired with a suit and tie for a special event or a laidback day at the pub with some mates. But, of course, every New Zealand guy and their mates will be rocking a pair of woven loafers or leather loafers, so do not miss out on this super trendy look!


Style 2 – Slides


Get amongst the trends and treat yourself to a pair of slides. These men's leather slip on shoes are perfect for your everyday wear and ensure you feel comfortable all day long. Slides are a current trend within the fashion world thanks to their level of comfort and versatility.


This look is perfect for guys who enjoy a lazy day around the house or those running errands throughout the day. These casual extra wide fit shoes are what every guy needs in their life because they are an easy-to-wear pair of low mens slides no matter the occasion.


Slides are a laidback style of mens footwear, but their simplistic design is very trendy. A range of brands offers this style of men's casual shoes, making them even more popular. With such a large trend taking over the fashion world, it would be silly not to invest in a pair of slides for your wardrobe.


Style 3 – Ankle Boots


Check out this super cool and trendy style of casual boots. Yes, that's right – we are talking about ankle boots! This footwear style offers guys the chance to look stylish whilst wearing a pair of comfortable and stylish men's casual boots.


Ankle boots are a must-have for any guy because they can pair nicely with just about any outfit. There is a range of styles that ankle boots come in, which means you get the chance to mix and match your outfits. One style we love to see is a pair of ankle lace up boots.


These kicks look classy and sophisticated, which allows you to rock them with a nice suit and tie for an upcoming special event. Another style of ankle boots that we love to see on guys is a pair of slip-on kicks.


This style of dress boots offers two elasticised gussets on the sides, making slipping in and out of these ankle boots so much easier. You will not regret investing in a pair of these men's chelsea boot, and you will be sure to look super stylish all day and night.


Style 4 – High Tops


Say hello to some funky high-tops. These mens sneakers are perfect for your go-to everyday look. These are perfect to wear when you have a daytime event or a laidback dinner at night. High-tops are a super easy and stylish pair of lace up sneakers to wear with just about any outfit, so you will never have to worry about not looking your best.


These high-tops are a style of men's casual shoes that first became a trend when professional basketballers wore them during their games. These outdoor play kicks offer plenty of comfort and support within the footwear, which is why they are such a popular style of men's classic leather everyday essential.


You can wear these to a laidback game of basketball for your weekend exercise, or you can rock a pair of these mens sport shoes on a dinner date with your partner. These men's casual shoes online are super trendy because of how comfortable and versatile they are. 


So step out of your comfort zone and try out a pair of high-tops. These high-top lace sneaker shoes will surprise you with just how good they look on your feet!


Style 5 – Canvas Sneakers


Check out these super cool men's casual sneakers! A pair of wide fit canvas sneakers are hot property in the world of fashion right now, so you will love these new additions to your wardrobe. Canvas sneakers are an easy-to-wear style of footwear and are super versatile.


If you plan to spend a day working out and grabbing lunch with some mates, then throw on your mens accessories and canvas sneakers, and you will be good to go. These men's casual shoes are also perfect to wear on a day full of running around.


Whether it is a quick trip to the shops or an afternoon spent at the park with your family, you can trust that a pair of canvas sneakers will take you through the day with ease. We love canvas sneakers because they come in a range of colours, styles, and designs.


You can find a unique pattern to suit your fashion sense or stick to a trendy, all-white design. No matter what look you choose, these men's casual shoes will have you looking your very best all day long. It's a win-win in our eyes!


Style 6 – Espadrilles


This style of men's casual shoes may not be the go-to for everyone, but once you try on a pair, they will become your new favourite. Men's straps sandals espadrilles are a style of shoe that is making its way into the fashion scene, and we love every bit of it.


This footwear trend is perfect for a guy who enjoys his laidback beach walks and loose-fitting attire. In addition, these kicks are a popular style of footwear to wear during warmer weather as the material offers plenty of breathability and comfort.


Take your look to the next level with these men's casual shoes and watch how quickly the compliments roll in. You will fall in love with these espadrilles just as much as we have!  


Ready For A New Pair Of Men's Casual Shoes?


With more trendy kicks making their way into the fashion scene, it is the perfect excuse to invest in a new pair of footwear for yourself. Find your new go-to kicks on the Spendless Shoes NZ website today. You will be adding your new pair of kicks to that shopping cart ASAP!