From Reception Through to Senior Years… Spendless Has Your School Shoe Needs Covered!

How do you remain loyal to a brand?

Usually, you return to a specific brand because you've experienced excellent service and products, which you've proven through first-time use. And over the years, loyal customers have returned to Spendless New Zealand because its kids' school shoes are top-tier.

We've seen the children of our customers grow up. From their child's reception to their senior years, they returned to Spendless NZ for their kids' schools shoes

And we can't blame them since we have comfortable, durable, supportive, and affordable styles appropriate for their age and foot development.

No matter the age, the features necessary in a pair of kids' school shoes remain the same. So while all the kinds available at Spendless New Zealand tick all the boxes, you must know what they are, especially since you'll be shopping for academic footwear for years.

With the help of our Spendless NZ team, we'll give you a quick rundown of all the features you need to know about kids' school shoes and the different styles suitable from reception to senior years.

Essential Features to Look for in Kids' School Shoes

1. Enough Toe Room 

Kids' school shoes must have enough toe room because it affects their balance and stability, especially in their younger years when their feet develop. In choosing the style for your kid, select those with rounded-toe or squared-toe designs. 

Avoid pointed-toe kids' school shoes because they squeeze the toes together and can cause deformities and foot problems that can last into adulthood. Instead, leaving a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the footwear tip is best. 

2. Ensure the Right Fit 

You know that the kids' school shoes fit when you measure the length and width of each foot separately. But, more importantly, it would help if you took their measurements in the afternoon or evening to account for the growth of their feet when they were swollen.

If you're hesitant to do it, get professional help. For example, a podiatrist can take the measurement and recommend the ideal kids' school shoes for your kid's feet. 

Another option is to take your children in-store, as brands usually have trained staff knowledgeable about taking the correct measurements. 

3. Flexible  

Supportive kids' school shoes ensure your children's feet can develop correctly. The footwear should have enough flexibility to mimic the natural movement of your feet. 

And since their feet fold only until the balls, the flexibility of the kids' school shoes should be limited to that part and nothing further. Then, test the footwear; if it bends more than that, don't get it, as it won't provide the proper support. 

4. Adjustable 

There must be a way for your kid to adjust the fit of their school shoes. At Spendless NZ, three kinds of fastenings do that—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. 

Each has pros and cons, but one thing's sure, the fastenings secure the kids' school shoes and give your children control over how snugly they fit. 

Spendless NZ Styles 

Kids' school shoes will depend on their taste and skills. The various styles of kids' school shoes are appropriate for all ages, from reception to senior years. While the younger ones prefer the ones with simpler fastenings, that doesn't mean the older ones can't use the same style. 

1. Pull-On Boots 

The lack of fastenings in pull-on boots makes them the ideal choice for boys starting their academic lives. The early starters can wear these kids' school shoes quickly because all they must do is use the pull tabs to pull them on their feet.

But this style still has an adjustable fit because of the elastic side gussets. The gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape and fit the wearer snugly. In addition, with the rounded-toe design of these kids' school shoes, your kid's toes will have enough room to spread. 

2. Mary Janes 

These kids' school shoes for girls are ideal for early starters because the single touch-fastening strap, which secures the footwear, is easy for young students to use. 

In addition, the rounded-toe design ensures their toes have enough space, while the flexible outsoles support your child's developing feet. 

Moreover, these kids' school shoes have an open-top design for breathability and a slightly padded sole for more comfort, so your children can run, stand, walk, and play without discomfort. 

3. Double Straps 

These unisex kids' school shoes are ideal for any grade level, covering their entire foot. In addition, securing the footwear is a breeze as it uses two touch-fastening straps that your child only needs to press together to lock. 

Even though the kids' school shoes cover the entire foot, the leather allows air to enter and keeps the feet fresh all day. And like all the previous styles, this footwear also has a rounded-toe design for your child's proper foot development, balance, and stability. 

4. T-Bar 

T-Bars are kids' school shoes for slightly older girls skilled with using buckles. This fastening is a good exercise for your child's fine motor and problem-solving skills. 

These kids' school shoes look like Mary Janes, except for the T that the straps form over the instep. With the style's geometric laser cut-outs and open-top design, many students prefer to wear this style during warmer months. 

5. Lace-Ups

Laces are the most adjustable of all fastenings, which gives your kid control over when they want to tighten their footwear and how tight they like the fit. 

The older students, likely in their senior years, prefer the unisex lace-up kids' school shoes, which signifies their independence. 

This style requires that your kid can tie laces independently. Also, with rounded toes, you can ensure that these kids' school shoes will comfort them. 

6. Sneakers 

All students need a second pair of kids' school shoes for their rougher and more strenuous activities like sports and PE classes. 

Spendless NZ has sneakers and trainers to do that function and ensure your child gets the support they need as they jump, run, hop, and do more challenging activities.

Find the School Shoes boys and girls Need at Spendless New Zealand! 

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