Get The Perfect Pair of School Shoes For Your Daughter This School Year!

Finding Girls School Shoes Is Easy With Spendless 

Are you on the hunt for girls' school shoes? Spendless can help! We know how tough uniform requirements can get, this is why our range brings a diverse range that can handle any rules! Plus, we also have some great tips about girls' school shoes in general. Now, let's get started!

The rules

Generally, kids are expected to have enclosed girls' school shoes; this is mostly for protection on the playground, but it there is some import placed on weather-worthiness as well. Since your girls' school shoes will get worn throughout the year, it makes sense that the dress code would support enclosed styles that can repel rain and mud more completely.

Classic classroom styles

You can already picture them, can't you? Glossy black, round-toed and fit with either laces or touch-fastening straps, these have been an essential style in the wardrobe of every student for decades! These are the perfect kind to dangle under desks during lessons, these girls' school shoes are also fantastic during recess, lunch, and playtime.


Mary-Jane style girls' school shoes are a great pick for younger students and kids who need a more breathable style during the hotter months. Hot and sweaty socks can be a breeding ground for skin conditions and irritations, particularly in younger kids. By providing girls' school shoes with good air circulation for their feet in the summertime, you can significantly reduce the chances of these occurring, and keep foot odour to a minimum as well! Say goodbye to stinky socks thanks to Mary-Jane sandals!

Plus, Mary-Jane sandals only expose feet with tiny laser cutouts. As such, these girls' school shoes still count as being enclosed, and can be used in all seasons!

Sneakers and sporty styles

The only uniform requirements that you might find in here would pertain to colour. That's why you will be glad to know that Spendless caters to all. We have bright and colourful trainers and sneakers to bring some fun and personality to your girls' school shoes. Otherwise, our white or black sneakers can stick to strict dress codes.

Keep an eye on the fit

You should be checking the fit of girls' school shoes every few months, even before kids start complaining about discomfort or pinching heels. Ideally, you should have half a thumb's width (around a centimetre) between the top of your child's longest toe and the top of your girls' school shoes. Any smaller and things might start getting squishy.

Buy for now, not for later

Tempting as it is to buy girls' school shoes that your kids can grow into, we don't usually recommend it. If your girls' have school shoes that are too large, they are likely to trip or stumble while wearing them. Best case scenario, they get scuffed and quickly wear down. Worst case scenario, your child's knees and elbows are the things getting scuffed and scratched up.

Confused about sizes?

Use our handy chart to help guide you through selecting girls' school shoes. We have information available so you can compare UK, US, EU, and Spendless sizes. Our kids' sizes merge with our smallest adult styles, so older students can switch straight into larger kinds when they need them.

Where to go

The best way to shop for girls' school shoes and avoid the shopping centre frenzies is to buy online. At Spendless, we make it easy. All of our products, girls' school shoes included, come with multiple images so you can get an exact look at what you're buying. We have detailed descriptions about the styles, the size range, and the materials as well.

Pick up a brand new pair of girls' school shoes from Spendless today!