Get The Perfect Pair of School Shoes That Will Fit Your Auckland School Uniform Requirements

Looking For The Perfect Boys School Shoes? 


It’s time we have a quick word about boys’ school shoes! As the style that your children will be wearing for the majority of the year, it is crucial that you get these right the first time. Not only should they look neat and put-together, but your boys’ school shoes should feel great too. Lucky for you, Spendless has a great range of styles that your kids can wear on their way back to the books!


Stick to the rules


Worried about playground and dress code restrictions for your boys’ school shoes? Don’t be! At Spendless, even our partially-open styles still have enclosed toes! If you want to send your child into the classroom in sandals, then you should have no trouble with our boys’ school shoes passing the test!


Our top three styles


Lace-up boys’ school shoes are the classroom classics. With glossy black finishes, rounded toes, and reliable grip, these are the quintessential style for your child. Younger kids also have the option of touch-fastening straps for added security.


Sneaker and trainers will keep sports lovers happy! Our favourites are bright, colourful, and ideal for PE classes. However, we also have these in all-white and all-black to appease stricter dress codes.


Sandals are the perfect boys’ school shoes in sizzling-hot seasons. Lightweight and breathable, these little styles have flexible treads and touch-fastening bands for an adjustable and comfortable fit.


The material factor


If your children’s last pair of boys’ school shoes started flaking, tearing along the seam, or the sole slowly tore in half, then material might just have been your issue. Boys’ school shoes need to be able to keep up with the rough treatment your kids are sure to put them through for forty weeks of the year. Durability is the name of the game, and you should always feel sure that your children have footwear that is up to the task! So, at Spendless, we’ve worked hard designing durable boys’ school shoes with different materials and advantages.


Leather boys’ school shoes have great circulation and airflow. They’re flexible and less prone to creasing or splitting, but often collect scuff marks on the sides and the tips of the toes. Synthetic styles are more resilient to marking and are easier to clean; however, they can be harder to wear into and more rigid.


So, how do you get the best of both worlds? We’ve taken a tip from Goldilocks and mixed the two materials for boys’ school shoes that are just right. Our leather-lined synthetic styles have the best traits of both materials, and help negate the weaknesses, which means sturdier and longer-lasting boys’ school shoes for your kids!  


Affordable prices


If there’s one thing you can’t stop your kids doing, it’s growing. While you might have had the best-fitting pair of boys’ school shoes imaginable at the start of the term, a growth spurt can easily ruin that. There’s nothing for it— if they start to pinch and get tight, then it’s time for a new pair of boys’ school shoes. That is the point when you’ll start to appreciate our affordable prices.


Spendless has always promised to bring the look for less, and these are no exception. We know how expenses pile on for kids once they start their education, but you can rest easy knowing that a pair of our boys’ school shoes won’t leave your bank account stinging.


So, what combination will be best for your kids?


Shop online at Spendless for our best boys’ school shoes! Great styles are just a click away, and we’ll have your order delivered to your door in no time. With an array of fantastic, high-quality boys’ school shoes that can go the extra mile, visit Spendless!