Getting Married On Waiheke Island? We’ve got the Perfect Wedding Shoes for You!

The Perfect Wedding Shoes For You 

Are you getting married by the ocean? With stunning settings such as Waiheke Island, it is no wonder New Zealand is a favourite place to hold ceremonies on the beachside. So, what kind of wedding shoes should you wear?

Gone are the days when brides and grooms are expected to get wed in a strict church ceremony. With more couples choosing to travel somewhere special to tie the knot, or choosing less conventional venues, the kind of accessories, planning, and wedding shoes to suit them has to be more flexible than ever. At Spendless, we have wedding shoes of all sorts, but for the beach, we recommend flats and sandals.

The looks we love

At Spendless, our wedding shoes for ladies come with all your favourite add-ons and décor. You can get the same level of glamour and charm that a block heel or stiletto might bring, but with long-lasting comfort guaranteed. We have dozens of wedding shoes that include rhinestones, diamantes, glitter finishes, beading, and other kinds of decoration.

Regarding designs, we have everything from strappy sandals, sling-backs, thongs, ballet flats, and more. In other words, there are wedding shoes to match every kind of bride.
Gentlemen, when it comes to your ideal wedding shoes out on the shore, we have to recommend sandals, loafers, and boat styles. One of our hottest picks has the look of a Birkenstock sandal— dual buckled straps and a trendy grooved sole for comfort. For beach wedding shoes that are more enclosed, we love gladiator-style sandals.

Balancing practicality and style

Since our recommended wedding shoes for ladies don't have a heel on them, our ballet flats, sandals, and other low designs will keep you in comfort from start to finish. There will be no need to worry about sinking a stiletto into the sand and snapping it off.

Depending on how long or short your dress is, you could even hide the fact that you are wearing flat wedding shoes if you wanted to. Of course, there aren't many reasons to cover up styles as gorgeous as these!

Gentlemen, your suave wedding shoes should have all the advantage on the beach. The tread will protect you from sharp shells and other annoyances, while also stopping gritty sand from getting stuck and causing your feet irritation.

Styles you can wear again

One great thing about these sorts of wedding shoes is that you can integrate them into your casual wardrobe once the big day is over so that they will get some use instead of sitting in a box collecting dust.

Remember: it's all up to you

As little as ten years ago, people still treated wedding shoes as the be-all and end-all final accessory to your outfit, which you were expected to wear from start to finish. But this is hardly the case nowadays. Most brides are encouraged to pack a spare pair of flat wedding shoes to change into at the reception or after party. Pick wedding shoes that you know will suit you and your venue. If you and your partner want a relaxed ceremony, then make sure your feet know that too.

Besides, if you are trying to tell us that you've never seen a gorgeous and candid bridal picture down on the beach, with the happy couple barefoot on the sand or in the water, then you are either lying or woefully behind the times.

Get the perfect wedding shoes for the beach from Spendless

At Spendless, we have the best range available for brides, grooms, and guests. If you are on the hunt for a fantastic pair of wedding shoes, then browse your options online today!