Girls School Shoe Styles You Can Count On!

Every mother and daughter in New Zealand will love what we have in store for you. The team at Spendless Shoes New Zealand has gathered the top picks of girls’ school shoes for you to choose from. So you and your daughter can get ready for the new year with a set of brand-new girls’ school shoes. 


There is no better feeling than rocking a new set of kicks in the first term. So if you are unsure what style of girl’s school shoes to invest in, do not fear. The Spendless NZ team has got you sorted. All you have to do is keep on reading to find out more! 


Style 1 – Lace-Ups 


First up on the list in our top picks are a pair of lace-up girls’ school shoes. These are timeless classics that every parent and child will know all too well. The lace-up design is a go-to for many uniform guidelines, and we have all the reasons why. A pair of these girls’ school shoes are perfect if you are looking for a durable and comfortable pair of kicks. 


With physical education and studying throughout the day, it can be hard to know what the best set of kicks are. However, we know that lace-up girls’ school shoes can keep your daughter’s feet safe and secure all day long and will never slip off of her feet. The material of these kicks can also add an extra layer of benefits to your daughter’s protection. 


If you invest in a set of leather lace-ups, you are sure to see these girls’ school shoes lasting longer. Either way, we can vouch for lace-up girls’ school shoes as a worthwhile investment! 


Style 2 – Touch-Fastening 


Are you looking for a pair of easy-to-wear girl’s school shoes? If you are nodding yes, then you are in the right place. We have the perfect pair of kicks that tick all right boxes. A set of touch-fastening girls’ school shoes are about to become a game-changer for your morning routine. 


If your daughter hates dealing with laces, then you are sure to fall in love with a set of touch-fastening girls’ school shoes. These kicks can make your life ten times easier. You can say goodbye to tantrums and a frustrated daughter, thanks to the wearability of these kicks. 


Your daughter can wake up and slip into these touch-fastening girls’ school shoes. She will be ready for the day in no time. In addition, these kicks are super secure and durable, even without laces, so you will feel confident all day long that your daughter is feeling her very best. 


Style 3 – Ballet Flats


If your daughter loves to wear breathable and fashionable girl’s school shoes, then a pair of ballet flats are the perfect choice for her. These kicks are a must-have in every wardrobe, especially leading into the summer season. Ballet flats are an easy-to-wear pair of girls’ school shoes that are flexible and fashionable. 


Your daughter will love walking around the classroom and yard during recess and lunch. Her feet will feel supported, comfortable, and stylish from morning until night. It will be hard to find a fault in these girls’ school shoes. The best thing about these kicks is that your daughter can wear them outside of study hours too. 


So whether it is a dinner with family or a playdate planned for the night, you can trust that her pair of ballet flats will keep her feeling and looking great. 


Style 4 – Mary-Jane 


Check out our huge range of Mary-Jane kicks. These kids school shoes are a must-have for your daughter for every season of the year. A pair of Mary-Jane girls’ bar school shoes are perfect for every daughter. You will find that these are great to wear during primary and secondary education. 


So, if you have more than one daughter, they can easily share these kicks around. You will find that a pair of these girls’ school shoes can give your daughter a confidence boost she did not know she needed. This style of footwear is very popular, making it every individual needs. This tip is because mary janes are fashionable pairs of girls’ school shoes. 


Your daughter will find that these kicks are supportive and comfortable to wear throughout a day of learning and play. She will also love that she and her friends can all flaunt their latest pair of Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes daily. You can not say no to a pair of these kicks. So close checkout this footwear and add them to your shopping cart now! 


Style 5 – Canvas Sneakers


Using a pair of canvas sneakers is the perfect option for girls’ school shoes. If you need a new pair of kicks for your daughter but are unsure which style to purchase, these are the ones for her. 


Canvas sneakers are casual, comfortable, and durable girls’ school shoes. It is best to check the uniform guidelines before purchasing a pair of these, but most of the time, they fit the criteria. These kicks offer a more relaxed fit for your daughter’s feet. 


This tip is helpful because she can plan out the days she can wear these girls’ school shoes. They are more suitable footwear for your daughter if she enjoys studying more than playing. Canvas sneakers are perfect for easy days and low-key nights. Check your size clear filters because this footwear is available in various sizes (eu cm). Your daughter will feel happy and content in a pair of these girls’ school shoes. 


Style 6 – Boots


Say yes to a pair of boots this season. Your daughter will love wearing these girls’ school shoes during the colder months of the year. There is no better feeling than keeping your feet nice and warm during a cold season. Boots are the perfect option when looking for a set of girls’ school shoes to wear throughout the winter months. 


These are sturdy, comfortable, and fashionable, so your daughter can experience the best of both worlds in these girls’ school shoes. It is a win-win situation in our eyes! 


Ready to Get Your Daughter a New Pair of Girl’s School Shoes?


There is no better time than now to invest in a new set of girls’ school shoes. So your daughter and her friends can feel comfortable and confident all day long in our range of kicks. Head to the Spendless NZ brands shop website today and score your daughter her new favourite pair! 


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