Girl’s School Shoes Your Daughter Will Actually Like

Choosing girl’s school shoes for your daughter can be a challenge at the best of times. It is difficult to make a mutual agreement, especially if your daughter fusses to get the style of kids school shoes she wants. But, don’t worry we, have all been there.


Our best piece of advice to follow when choosing girl’s school shoes, black school shoes and brown school shoes is to make sure your daughter is with you every step of the way during the process. This step enables a relationship full of trust, understanding and communication.


These are three of the most necessary factors that need to be considered when choosing a girl’s school shoes like black school shoes and brown school shoes.


For New Zealand schools, there are a range of uniform rules that need to get followed, so if you aren’t 100% sure about the school rules, then that’s even more of a reason to ensure your daughter comes along for the ride when choosing her girl’s school shoes!


We’ve gathered a range of girl’s school shoes that would tickle your daughter’s fancy. So, enjoy a little mother and daughter time whilst choosing her girl’s school shoes, ready for the term to begin!


Printed Kicks Are The Ultimate Flex! 


If your daughter is obsessed with animated movies and shows that come from creators such as Disney or Nickelodeon, then you can expect to be investing in printed kicks. This type of kids school shoes design is one that all young kids love to wear, especially during their day at school.


Having their favourite show or movie characters printed on their girl’s school shoes can encourage confidence, positivity and focus during the day of learning. Not only are these girl school shoes super fun to look at, but they are also really comfortable.


Most of the time, the printed kids school shoes is in the form of sneakers and sport shoes, so they are comfortable and durable during a long day of learning and play. A touch-fastening strap or lace-up design is your best bet for kids school shoes to remain sturdy and secure during the day.


Printed girl’s school shoes will generally come in a range of designs, so let your daughter try some on before making the purchase. If she loves a certain style more than the other, you can rest assured that comfort and safety are still included in the kids school shoes design.


So have some fun with choosing a pair of girl’s school shoes for your daughter, so she is comfy and confident all day long!


We Love Inspiration From Ballet Flats!


The traditional ballet flat is a gorgeous female junior school shoes that offer an easily accessible design. It is a wearable type of shoe without being too invasive or uncomfortable. A style of girl’s school shoes that has gained much more popularity is the one strap, touch-fastening, Mary Janes style of flat.


It is a blend of ballet flat and the traditional Mary Janes style, which resulted in this super cute mix. Your daughter will love Mary Janes style type of girl’s school shoes as it is a super comfortable pair to wear. This is especially worthwhile for a whole day full of learning and playing with friends. These single-strap flat girl’s school shoes are easy to be worn throughout the day and straight to family dinner at night.


They can double up as senior girls and junior school shoes or a casual pair of kids school shoes to wear outside of the classroom. If your daughter enjoys a cheeky sleep in before starting her day, then these girl’s school shoes will save her a few minutes of rushing around in the mornings as well.


It’s a win-win in our eyes!


Wild And Free In Some Colourful Lace-ups!


Colourful girl’s school shoes are a great addition to the generic uniform get-up. It can brighten up everyone’s day and ensure your daughter starts her week on a bright and positive-minded note.


Sneakers and sport shoes are the perfect style of girl’s school shoes to offer a range of bright and colourful variations. Although this is great, it can also make the decision-making process a little more challenging, but don’t worry, we have faith in you! Choosing a pair of comfortable durable, and colourful girl’s school shoes will make the day much better.


If you love to spread the love and cheer, why not get your daughter’s friends involved as well! They can all grab a matching pair of colourful girl’s school shoes to start the term off the right way!


Feeling sophisticated in Mary-Jane designs


Step up your daughter’s sophistication levels with the classic Mary-Jane girl’s school shoe designs.


Mary Janes style of kids school shoes generally offers a T-buckle feature, with geometric cut-outs for ultimate breathability. These girl’s school shoes, like black school shoes and brown school shoes, channel all levels of sophistication and class, which is perfect for the education environment.


These also feature a small heel, so your daughter can get a little extra height boost. These girl’s school shoes, like black school shoes and brown school shoes, also blend in well with the general uniform design, so you won’t have to worry about your daughter feeling left out or not to fit in.


Glowing In All-white!


Your daughter will fall in love with all-white, touch-fastening girl’s school shoes. These sneakers and sport shoes are standout pieces that can turn a dull uniform into something more fun and enticing for the day ahead.


Touch-fastening straps are a great feature on comfortable, durable girl’s school shoes as they provide plenty of comfort and security. But, of course, for a big day of learning and play, your daughter must have the correct kids school shoes. The touch-fastening straps ensure that your daughter’s foot is always secure, so you won’t have to deal with any lost kids school shoes.


The all-white style is super comfortable, durable and versatile, too, so your daughter can wear her all-white girl’s school shoes during the day and at the park on the weekend too. Amazing, right?!  


Ready To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Girl’s School Shoes?


If you have found the perfect pair of girl’s school shoes within our suggestions above, then it’s time to celebrate! Take your daughter out for the day, head to an NZ Spendless Shoes store closest to you or their shoes online store and spend some quality time together choosing her new pair of girl’s school shoes! She will feel stoked to start the term and get her learning underway.