Hardwearing Boys' School Shoes Are Perfect for the New School Year!

Parents and guardians are in a frenzy with the start of a new academic year. They list the essentials for the year ahead, ensuring they have accounted for each item. Everything must be in order, from school shoes to backpacks, notebooks, and socks, so your child can hit the ground running. But among all these items, you want to direct your attention and energy to the boys' school shoes. You want to guarantee that you're investing in a pair that can withstand the erratic New Zealand weather and the wear and tear the child will expose them to. Hardwearing boys' school shoes are necessary for all the classroom activities and playground games your son will join.

Only one reputable brand has the perfect collection for your child: Spendless New Zealand! The brand understands what your child needs and curates options that satisfy them. Spendless NZ boys' school shoes are durable enough to last the entire year, no matter how much running, jumping, or playing your child does. You will only consider replacing their academic footwear when your child has outgrown it, which can happen every few weeks.

Discover the various hardwearing school shoes at Spendless NZ and what makes them a cut above the rest. Let's start with the features before delving into the different style options. Let's go!


They Are Durable


The best way to ensure that boys' school shoes are hardwearing is to see if they can withstand what your child puts them through. Whether it's erratic weather, natural elements like rocks and pebbles, or demanding movements like running and jumping, Spendless NZ footwear can keep up. What makes the brand's school shoes last so long?

Materials like leather and vegan offer durability unlike any other. While they differ, both kinds of boys' academic footwear will endure your child's daily activities. They won't break at the first sign of duress and can provide the breathability and insulation necessary for coping with the changing weather. 

You're likely wondering what makes them different. Leather academic shoes use animal parts in production, while vegan ones are cruelty-free. The absence of animals in vegan materials means fewer production processes, leading to more affordable pricing. On the one hand, leather moulds to your child's feet quickly, providing personalised support for their foot shape.


They Are Comfortable


Don't think your son will find the shoes rigid and uncomfortable because the materials can endure challenging situations. It's the exact opposite. Spendless NZ packed its boys' school shoes with features that ensure your son will remain cosy and well-supported throughout their daily activities. Let's go through the prominent ones.


  • Spacious toe rooms

Most academic footwear at Spendless NZ has round or square shapes, which are spacious enough to ensure your child's toes can spread naturally. These shapes prevent painful rubbing or squeezing that irritates and distracts your child from learning. Please leave a 1cm gap between the tips of the longest toe and the footwear. This way, there's enough space to accommodate growth spurts.


  • Adjustable fastenings

Hardwearing boys' school shoes must provide your child with a customisable fit they can adjust throughout the day. Warm weather or their feet swelling to their maximum size require a looser fit for more comfort. More importantly, fastenings keep the footwear in place to prevent it from coming off accidentally. Spendless NZ's collection uses two kinds of fastenings. Whether touch-fastening straps or laces, both provide the adjustability and security your son needs for their hardwearing boys' school shoes.


  • Gripped soles

Your active son will spend his free time playing with friends. Whether chasing each other, playing games, or climbing monkey bars, they need gripped soles that provide traction. Spendless NZ's boys' school shoes have grooves that create friction between the footwear and the floor. This way, your child can move freely and focus on the task instead of being too careful with their movements.


They Are Stylish

When shopping for academic shoes, never compromise your style for comfort and durability. Why choose when Spendless NZ provides everything seamlessly in its collection? Let's discover the various hardwearing options that look so good that they help boost your child's self-esteem, making them more confident to join in classroom and playground activities.


  • Pull-On Boots

These leather school shoes provide coverage and warmth until the ankles. Although without fastening, this option has elastic side gussets that work similarly, expanding to accommodate any foot shape and reverting for a snug fit. These hardwearing boys' school shoes are the best with their durable leather, gripped soles, and ankle-length protection, especially during colder months. 


  • Double Straps

These leather school shoes have ideal features that keep them focused and comfortable during lessons. This Spendless NZ style uses two touch-fastening straps for adjustability. Of the two fastenings, this one is easier as it only requires your child to press two nylon strips together. 


  • Lace-Ups

Anyone who can tie their laces independently can enjoy the customisable fit of lace-up school shoes. This footwear style has a round shape option and a dressier square shape one. Both academic footwear styles offer spacious toe rooms, improving your child's stability and balance. Additional features of this hardwearing academic footwear include reinforced toes and heels, grooved soles for traction, a padded collar, and durable materials. 


  • Sneakers

Everyone needs a second pair of academic footwear for strenuous activities like PE classes and sports. Sneakers offer support via padded heels, comfortable materials, and grooved soles, which absorb impact. These school shoes stay secure with the help of a fastening or a combination of them.


They Are Affordable


Spendless NZ makes it easy for parents to plan their academic spending. With all these features, the brand's boys' school shoes stay within the budget. Apart from that, Spendless NZ has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. Be smart; buy Spendless NZ for your child!

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