Heading To The New Zealand Derby Day? These Shoes Are Perfect For The Spring Racing Season!

Finding The Best Shoes For Spring Racing Season 

Get dressed up and ready for Derby Day! If you are looking for the hottest styles to wear for Spring Racing season this year, then Spendless Shoes has just what you need. Are you ready to get a glimpse?

For the gentleman's Spring Racing

Boots are definitely on the must-have list for Spring Racing season. Not only will they fare better with wet grass, mud patches, and loose gravel than regular dress shoes, but they will also protect your feet from stray heels. If you've been to Spring Racing events before, you will remember that most of the women attending will be in heels. If you've ever had the misfortune of having your toes trodden on by them, then you'll be glad to know boots provide a protective barrier too!

As far as designs, we have two leading contenders— the Chelsea-style boot and the Chukka (or desert) boot. Either of these would be an excellent pick for Spring Racing season. Chelsea boots pull-on, featuring elastic panels on the sides and little pull tab on the heel to help you slip your foot inside. Chukka boots are lace-ups, which means you can always customise them for your best fit and feel. With a smooth faux suede finish, we count these amongst the dressiest of our Spring Racing boots.

Plus, both of these styles come in different colours; perfect for matching up with your Spring Racing outfit.

Otherwise, you could always check out some of our classic dress shoes!

A line-up for the ladies

Spring Racing season is the perfect time to find a balance between fashion and function. That means the best new heels with long-lasting comfort, support, stability, and the latest look to match the rest of your outfit.

Espadrilles are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a higher style. The thick base on these tall wedges will keep long skirts and dresses off of the ground. Plus, the broad platform should help you walk across grass or other soft surfaces without slipping the way you might in a Spring Racing stiletto.

After that, we have to boost block heels for Spring Racing. While it's hard not to love the slim, high-glamour look of stilettos, they aren't always the most practical choice when it comes to Spring Racing. Block heels provide a sturdy base which will have you heading into Spring Racing with ease and confidence. You can choose to go low or high and have an array of colours you can pick. Some of our hottest trends in this style include lace-up ties, diamanté trim, pointed toes, and even soft faux suede finishes.


If you have your heart set of wearing stilettos for Spring Racing, then we have some accessories that might help smooth things out.

Our first pick for Spring Racing is Starlettos. Starlettos are a unique brand of heel-stoppers that attach to the base of your shoes and provide a thicker platform to walk on. We love these for Spring Racing heels since they will help with comfort and movement, are subtle when worn, and can be removed without marking delicate fabrics.

Second, we have our Sole Salvation Pack. These are the perfect tag-along for Spring Racing! This sweet little zip-up purse has an array of foot care items you can utilise, and can also hold cards, keys, and coins. Our Sole Salvation Pack will be the perfect companion for anyone who is off to experience Spring Racing.

Get the look now!

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