Heels For The Modern Wellington Lady!

Are you looking for the latest heels? We've got shoes for modern Wellington women! 


Are you shopping for a specific occasion?


Before you start adding anything into your shopping cart, stop and think about where you'll be able to wear your new heels. Any pair from Spendless Shoes is sure to be versatile, but it's worth keeping these things in mind. Do you have a party or similar event coming up in your social calendar? What about a coffee date with friends or a family dinner?

We know that the modern Wellington lady has more than a few things lined up in her schedule; if you can wear the same pair of heels again to the next event, your wallet is sure to thank you! So, consider what you've got on this season, and then start shopping for our shoes! 


Cake-stand heels are a favourite this season! 


Get trendy with these modern classics! Cake-stand heels are here in a big way in 2020. Here at Spendless, we love these designs (and their 90s vibe), which means you've got dozens to choose from in our range. The mid-high stilettos are easy to walk around on, so they're a gorgeous pick for parties.

Our white and natural versions are already becoming a favourite for weddings. Since they're a hot-ticket item, you'll see that many of our cake-stand heels come with other trendy features, such as translucent bands and thong straps. If you want shoes with the most stylish designs of the season, then cake-stand platforms are the way to go! 


You should try heels with crocodile texture in 2020! 


Move over leopard prints and snakeskin patterns— it's all about crocodile texture now! Are you looking for something that can liven up your heels? Why not try a fun, animal-inspired finish on your next pair of shoes? We have heaps of types for you to try from Spendless this season, and they're sure to match the style of any Wellington resident! How do you feel about pointy-toed block heels with sling-back straps?

They make fantastic work shoes. How about minimalist mules with two top straps, or some strappy cake-stand styles with crocodile texture? The point is, if you're even a bit interested in crocodile heels, then you should shop at Spendless


Do you have any shoes with see-through straps?


If not, you should start looking for heels with translucent bands at once! These stylish see-through shoes create a fun and fresh feel for every outfit you pair with them. Since the feature straps on our heels are clear, they won't clash with any colours or patterns that you wear elsewhere.

So, if you want to get daring with a loud and vibrant print, bring out your springtime floral skirts, or wear a bright block-colour dress, your shoes are guaranteed to match.  


Our low blow heels are exactly what your wardrobe needs! 


Short platforms like ours are a gorgeous look and easy to match with your everyday outfits. If you want to boost the game of your casual clothes, then we can't recommend our short block heels enough! Instead of a chunky base, these platforms have a slender side profile and a cute, modern aesthetic. One of our most popular versions of these heels comes with square-cut toes and a thick top band with braided material.

Since our newest style comes in heaps of different colours, you could buy more than one and cycle through your favourite shade during the season. We know you'll have fun styling our short block heels, so give them a try in 2020!


Find your ideal match today! 

Search for heels at Spendless, and you can't go wrong!