Heels Perfect For Every Style!

You’ll find the perfect heels to match your style at Spendless Shoes! Five minutes of browsing our collection will show you that we’ve got shoes for anyone’s aesthetic. Do you find that hard to believe? Let us tell you about some of our favourite heels down below, and you can decide for yourself!


Step out confidently in some new stilettos!


Not everyone can pull off these slim sky-high heels! Walking, dancing, and moving around smoothly in stilettos is a desirable skill and art form that few women master. But, if you can make heels this enormous work for you, then you’ll be unstoppable this season! Stilettos are a fantastic choice for elegant affairs like weddings and business functions. Our high heels are unbelievably glamourous, they pair up beautifully with formal attire, and their steep arch will help make your legs look longer, slimmer, and more toned. All you need is one go-to pair, and you’ll be ready for the season. Switch out your outfit for something new or accessorize differently, and no one will know that you’ve brought the same trusty heels out to party again! 


Go classic with sling-back designs


Short styles can feel just as sophisticated as tall ones, and sling-backs are the proof! Pointed toes slim down your foot shape while the signature ankle strap and tiny heels add some elegance to your profile. You won’t have an issue spending a day on your feet with a sling-back style since the incline is too small to impact your comfort. With that enduring ease of wear in mind, it makes sense that these heels are a favourite with women in office-based (or corporate) jobs and ladies who need to follow strict professional dress code at their workplace. Spendless Shoes offers sling-back with either thin or block heels, so choose whichever appeals to you the most — there’s no such thing as a wrong choice here!


Do you enjoy bold and eye-catching styles?


Bring the attitude to your look with our structured shoes. Lace-up booties and woven block heels will instantly make your outfit edgier. These types are long-standing favourites at parties and clubs, but also music festivals and outdoor events. If you’re going somewhere that minimal (or cocktail) shoes would get wobbly, give you cold feet, or make you look overdressed, these boisterous block-based booties are the best alternative. You can pair structured heels with cut-off jeans, a basic tee or crop top, and a leather or denim jacket to create a trendy look. Still, there’s always the option of matching them up with the right skirt or dress too! 

Block heels are the perfect all-rounders!

You’d be able to wear the right pair of these with mom jeans in the morning and a fancy dinner outfit in the evening. Versatile is the name of the game with block heels. The broad platforms keep you comfortable for hours on end despite the high incline, and they flatter your figure as much as stilettos. At Spendless Shoes, we have dozen of different variations of block heels. There are extra graceful versions with sparkly décor on top of the toes, types with wraparound ankle bands for support and style, and ones with layered or crossover straps over the top. Each of these heels is a little more specialized for a setting or situation. For instance, you might choose our glittery version for a wedding and wear a strappy style to a coffee date instead. Still, you’re the one with the freedom to dress up (or dress down) our block heels as you like. 


So, what do you think?


Were our four fast examples enough to convince you that Spendless Shoes has plenty of heels? If you’re still on the fence, then jump online and browse our collection