Heels Perfect For Your New Zealand New Years Eve!


Can you believe that the year is almost over?

Where has all the time gone? New Year’s Eve is getting closer and closer, and if you need a fresh set of heels, then now is your best chance. Shop at Spendless Shoes this summer, and we’ll make sure you step out in the top trends of the season. Whether you want to revel in the good times or say good riddance to 2019, our heels will help any New Zealander celebrate in style. Your dream pair could be platforms or stilettos, but whatever they are, Spendless has got shoes that will excite and inspire you!


What heels do you wear to a work function?


If you work in an office, then there’s a decent chance that you’ll get invited out to a work party. With this in mind, the heels that we recommend would be ones that are slightly taller than what you wear during your nine-to-five. When in doubt, go dressier! Ladies who don kitten heels can indulge in some mid-high stilettos, while ladies who wear court shoes can break out their strappy block-based shoes. The higher style will give any outfit a lift, so you won’t need to stress out over attire. Plus, having tall heels should encourage you to stay on your best behaviour!


Do you need heels for dinner with friends? 


A delicious meal in good company is enough of a celebration for some people. It’s also a chance for busy people to catch up and find out what their friends have been up to, in any case. So, what heels do we recommend for an intimate New Year’s party out at a restaurant? Since you’ll probably be sitting down for most of the evening, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge yourself with some sky-high stilettos if you’d like. Still, keeping your heels low and casual is a good option too, since they’ll be tucked away and unseen under the table. Remember to ask yourself if there will be detours after dinner, though. If you think your crew will end up in a bar or club later on in the night, then focus on getting heels that are appropriate in those settings too. 


Will you be spending New Year’s Eve out in town? 


Knowing the night-life of New Zealand, we can’t blame you for choosing to party! The best heels for go-getters on New Year’s Eve have to be our short or block-based styles. If you plan on getting wild, you don’t want your heels to slow you down or trip you up. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone rolls an ankle or face-plants on the dancefloor. This summer, we advise you to take some woven or lace-up booties out to play. These partially-enclosed heels are super stylish, modern, and will stop your feet from getting dirty while you’re out clubbing. Choose low or broad heels, and make your night memorable for all the right reasons. It wouldn’t hurt to start 2020 on steady feet!


Nothing says goodbye to the old year like a house party!


Celebrations like these are perfect during summertime, particularly if New Year’s Eve lands on a mild night. We recommend wearing your cutest heels to a backyard party. Gather up your friends and get plenty of pictures while the night is young. But once you’re happy and ready to party, the pressure is off! After all, house parties can get rowdier than clubs and pubs, and no one is going to look twice at you if you take your heels off.


Are you ready to pick your New Year’s Eve heels? 


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